Meta prepares commercial AI tools to compete with Google and OpenAI

Meta, lagging behind its GAFAM counterparts, is mobilizing to close this gap. The company plans to launch a commercial version of its AI model, LLaMa. According to the Financial Times, Meta seeks to make this model more accessible and customizable for businesses.

Meta unveils its commercial version of AI, LLaMa

In the age of ChatGPT, the AI ​​war is raging and reaching unprecedented heights. Many companies are embarking on the frantic race to develop their own artificial intelligences. In this competitive climate, research and technological development are experiencing a spectacular acceleration.

Recently, Meta made a announcement noticed relayed by the Financial Times: the company plans to launch a commercial version of its AI model. Until now, the company already offered a generative AI model (LLM) called LLaMa, mainly aimed at researchers and academics.

However, this new commercial version will be accessible to a wider audience and will allow companies to customize it according to their specific needs.

This initiative aims to compete with major players in the AI ​​market, such as Google and OpenAI, which currently dominate the sector. According to a source close to Meta quoted by the FinancialTimesthe main objective is to reduce the hold of OpenAI in this area by offering a competitive alternative.

Meta launches into the AI ​​battle

Meta’s future commercial version of LLaMa will allow startups and enterprises to develop custom software and applications using their AI technology. Until now, all of the company’s templates were free. However, Meta plans to introduce a paid version for enterprise customers, although this is not planned for the next release.

The release of this commercial version is expected in the near future, according to a Financial Times source. Additionally, Meta recently made the decision to make its LLM models open source, which means the technical details of how they work are publicly available. This transparency contrasts with the policy of OpenAI, which keeps its code private vis-à-vis third parties.

Meta is actively preparing to launch its commercial version of the AI ​​soon. While its GAFAM counterparts were making remarkable advances in the field of AI, the old Facebook was lagging behind. However, Meta is now making every effort to catch up and making every effort to achieve this.

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