The energy consumption of Bitcoin continues to be debated

Bitcoin (BTC) has many supporters around the world. But the flagship crypto also has many detractors. Many of them criticize in particular its relevance to global energy issues.

Bitcoin (BTC), target of propaganda in New York

In the United States, bitcoin (BTC) is the target of propaganda against its use. Indeed, an advertisement highlighting the negative effects of using the flagship crypto is displayed in New York.

The advertisement seems to particularly criticize the excessive energy consumption of which bitcoin is allegedly guilty. “Bitcoin consumes more electricity than entire countries”, can we read on the advertising poster.

The latter also cites several countries, including Argentina, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Finland and Chile. In other words, according to this ad, bitcoin consumes more energy than all these countries need combined!

The anti-bitcoin publicity pushes the cork a little further. She suggests that the United States would be world champions in energy waste and the pollution that goes with it. All this, because of bitcoin.

“In the United States alone, the pollution caused by bitcoin is equivalent to 7.5 million gasoline-powered cars”, she proudly displays. A pride that is not to the taste of the crypto community.

Perplexed, the latter criticized the cynicism behind such a poster which she wonders who is the instigator. This is particularly the meaning of the comment made by the tweet @BitcoinToTheMo4.

For him, while false, this propaganda advertisement would lack relevance. This, because it is only justified from an energy point by not addressing any other technical or financial aspect.

“Especially since their criticism of bitcoin is at the level of energy consumption, and they do that…by consuming energy…”, notes the tweet. @RobertM54518231 another social media user quips saying: “I bet the detractors [du bitcoin, Ndlr] buy it”.

The conclusion of all this is that anti-bitcoin propaganda is still alive. This does not prevent bitcoiners from continuing to bet on their favorite crypto. Many people think she has a bright future ahead of her.

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