Could AI Benefit Bitcoin (BTC)?  Arthur Hayes' analysis

At a time when AI is reshuffling the maps of technological development for the next few years, predictions are going in all directions. Some players in the crypto industry have fun imagining scenarios that can benefit both bitcoin and artificial intelligence.

Bitcoin, the popular asset of the AI ​​sector?

Arthur Hayes, the ex-boss of BitMEX had fun imagining how AI can impact cryptos, especially bitcoin. In a recent post, the expert delivered his projections on the future relationships that the asset could have with the AI.

Hayes thinks bitcoin could become the AI ​​market’s favorite asset. His reasoning is based on a purely speculative scenario. According to this, AI systems will need the blockchain to constantly perform transactions.

These operations will require, for their realization, a secure digital payment mechanism like that of bitcoin. This dynamic could potentially benefit investors.

However, this perspective has substantial caveats, according to Arthur Hayes. These relate to the fact that it can be risky to bet on a growing technology like AI. The expert believes that in general, the potential of this is overvalued.

Either way, Arthur Hayes plans, as an investor, to make the most of his expertise in the crypto market. This, in order to detect possible interactions between cryptos and artificial intelligence.

What is certain is that interest in AI is exploding more and more. A dynamic that suggests that a real trend around this technology will continue to develop. An evolution that will not happen without the blockchain.

Indeed, it is established that AI needs two resources essentially to guarantee its growth. The first is training data. The second relates to computing power. It seems that blockchain has the ability to provide these elements to the artificial intelligence sector.

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