How to invest like a millionaire?  Naftali Horowitz's response

Investing is a risky decision, since many people jump in without defining the expected results. Whether in the cryptocurrency industry or in traditional finance, it takes a whole set of things to achieve your goals. So how to invest like a millionaire, discover Naftali Horowitz’s recipe.

Investing starts with a good mindset

Naftali Horowitz is a financial advisor who helps wealthy individuals grow and better manage their wealth. Alternately managing director and portfolio manager at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley Wealth, he is known for his sound investment advice.

This time, he returns to the front of the stage to help not only rich people, but also small investors to better choose their investment. In video on Youtubethe latter says that investing in an index fund SP 500 is a good start.

However, buying stocks does not mean making a fortune. Even if the stock market indices allow you to make gains, you must first know what you are getting into. We must not invest more than we can lose and above all, we must erase the feeling of fear. Whether for traditional finance or cryptocurrencies, you have to think long term.

Invest, but with reserve, says Naftali Horowitz

Many people get into the markets because they see the high earning potential. However, they do not take into account the best time to enter a sector. Before buying bitcoins (BTC) for example, it is necessary to take into account the volatility and the state of the market.

If investors only look at the lure of gain, they could be very disappointed in the event of a stock market crash. So for any investment, crypto or otherwise, you have to love and be firm in your decisions.

For Naftali Horowitz, investing, whether crypto or traditional, requires conviction. When investing, you need to be prepared for any situation, and hold your position whether the sector is up or down. Basically, you have to have a mind of steel, like Changpeng Zhao who despite everything, continued to bet on bitcoin (BTC).

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