Metaverse: Prepare for the Land Mint of Oxya Origin

The launch of the Land Mint for Oxya Origin is scheduled for October 9th. Oxya Origin Lands is one of the pillars of the Oxya Play & Earn ecosystem. Indeed, it will serve as a supply chain for the different modes of this third-person shooter.

The project in a nutshell

Oxya Origin is a collaborative RPG (role playing game) embedded in a metaverse. The game allows for land conquests, social experiences, and in-game governance. It is a third-person shooter built on Unreal Engine 5 and Immutable X. Players control 3D avatars in a dystopian universe and must fight enemies individually or in teams.

The game will be playable in two formats. In PvE (Player versus Environment, or player against environment) via a Roguelite, and in pvp (Player versus Player or Player versus Player) via battle royale. The designer has planned many quests and challenges to complete. Oxya Origin Lands will serve as a supply chain for the different modes of the game. Its mint will take place from October 9, 2022 at 15:15 GMT.

Oxya Origin Lands: Understanding the Mint and Earn Mechanism

Oxya Origin announces the imminent launch of its Land Mint for October 9th.

The Oxya Origin game has various resources such as Lands, avatar NFTs or even the Oxya governance token and the Lukriya token. During a first sale, players have already been able to acquire avatars. These allowed them to access PVE modes and earn rewards by completing stages. With Lands coming soon, landowners will be able to craft assets like attachments, weapons, and vehicles.

Land owners will also have a monopoly on the resources of their lands and will be able to form guilds. In the short term, owners will be able to generate passive income by staking their Lands. They can also earn tokens by collecting resources on their soil (plants, minerals, stones) and building utility infrastructure. Crafting weapons and equipment also earns them.

Players use Oxya Origin Lands to develop facilities and craft weapons, among other things, items that can be used to generate passive income. Reward chances are cumulative. By multiplying the purchases of Lands, the player will increase his chances of winning more.

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