Polygon 2.0: The “hyper-productive” crypto POL now on Ethereum!

The Polygon team has just successfully completed deployment of POL token contracts on the Ethereum mainnet last Thursday. Strangely, MATIC, which will disappear shortly, displays statistics that are no less tempting. Zoom !

MATIC crypto powered by POL

Polygon 2.0 is near: when this change happens, the MATIC crypto will be replaced by a new native token called POL. Last Thursday, the Polygon team announced the successful deployment of POL on the Ethereum mainnet.

Important information about Polygon 2.0 POL

Polygon’s POL cryptocurrency contracts deployed on the Ethereum mainnet.

Polygon deployed POL contracts on the Ethereum mainnet, marking a significant evolution compared to MATIC in preparation for the upcoming Polygon 2.0 upgrade.

Main highlights:

– POL aligns with the industry-leading Polygon 2.0 architecture.

– Key proposals, PIP-17 and PIP-19, support POL’s role in gas and staking.

– POL will power a new ecosystem of zero-knowledge Layer 2 chains. »

The crypto POL update is indeed complete. But this news relayed by BeInCrypto will definitely appeal to MATIC traders.

Indeed, the price of this native Polygon cryptocurrency has increased over the course of two weeks, specifies the crypto media. It was broke out of an ascending parallel channel and a horizontal resistance zone.

At the start of the rise, the price of MATIC regained the $0.60 horizontal resistance zone. This zone is said to be crucial given that it served as support for this Polygon crypto during the month of July 2022.

By September, the MATIC price had fallen below this crucial resistance zone. But he has recently regained it: thus, the decline has mutated into a ” DETOUR “.

Furthermore, we agree to mention that crypto analysts have also mentioned a bull run perspective due to price action and the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Also, they indicated that the MATIC price broke away from an ascending parallel channel on October 22.

MATIC-USDT Chart – Source: TradingView

However, these channels generally contain corrective movements. By exiting this channel, the MATIC would be preparing to experience an upward movement. The MATIC bull run is fast approaching, it seems. Reaching the horizontal resistance zone of $0.85 is predictable.

Note also that the price of MATIC, at the time of writing this article, was $0.645. Which represents an increase of 23.4% over a period of 14 days.

Polygon 2.0 is coming!

Polygon is currently reinventing itself. This profound change is materialized in particular by the deployment of the zkEVM rollup, the official launch of which on the Ethereum mainnet took place on March 21.

But Polygon 2.0 is also a question of decentralized governance. Your humble servant has detailed the three pillars in this article.

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