Lebanon: Sali Hafez robs a bank to recover his own money

When we wrote that your money is no longer safe in the bank, it was not a joke. The Lebanese know something about it. Sali Hafez (also spelled Hafiz), new heroine of Lebanon, robbed the Blom Bank to recover his own money. Lebanon, in the midst of economic and financial turmoil, froze the accounts of its customers in 2019. Sali Hafez therefore decided, to pay for his sister’s medical care, to go and recover his funds with a plastic gun.

In Lebanon, bank accounts are blocked, inflation is at its peak, the Lebanese pound is worthless. A completely “normal” citizen finally cracked: she used a dummy gun to recover her own money. And save his sister.

Sali Hafiz Lebanon
Seen on Twitter. Sali Hafiz, new heroine of Lebanon.

Sali Hafez heroine in spite of herself

For months she begged the bank, which only granted her 200 dollars a month (12,000 Lebanese pounds). Yet the young woman has all her savings at the Blom Bank. As in China, savers no longer freely dispose of their money. As in Canada where the bank accounts of people deemed to be rebels are blocked.

This is how simple citizens end up becoming outlaws, when the law no longer protects them. Accompanied by other injured savers, the young woman was able to recover around 30 million Lebanese pounds (barely 20,000 dollars).

Riad Salamé plunged the country into an abyss

Riad Salame, the governor of the Banque du Liban, allegedly organized the largest Ponzi scheme in the world and the Lebanese banks are now insolvent. The country’s debt is simply abysmal. After attempting legal action to recover their funds, some Lebanese end up attacking the banks. The whole debt pyramid scheme will eventually collapse and the citizens are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic country.

Exasperated Lebanese make Sali Hafez an icon

This is the third bank robbery by depositors since the beginning of the year. August 11, Bassam Sheikh Hussein wanted to recover his funds deposited in the Federal Bank. He had been able to withdraw about $35,000 out of the $200,000 he has. In January, Abdullah Assaii had taken hostage employees of his bank who refused to pay him his savings in dollars.

About an hour after the Blom Bank robbery ended, reports emerged that another was in progress at a BankMed branch in Aley. Rami Sharafeddine was able to leave with the sum of 30,000 dollars. Other robberies are predictable and bank employees are worried. According to the agency Reuters, five more robberies took place on September 16. The Lebanese Banking Association announced a three-day shutdown next week for security reasons and urged the government to pass laws to deal with the crisis.

Bitcoin (BTC): international and deflationary currency

The Lebanese authorities presented a new rescue plan for bank deposits. Decades of corruption and massive debt are now beyond repair. Reread this article to fully understand the situation and why the Lebanese, outside the elite, will not be able to recover from this disaster. Read how this crisis affects us too. Try to understand that, ultimately, fiat currencies lead us into an inflationary spiral with no possible return. In the current circumstances, it seems increasingly clear that citizens can no longer trust either their banks or their leaders. It is becoming increasingly clear that only a decentralized currency like bitcoin will bring oxygen to a system at the end of its life.

Sali Hafez was able to recover part of his savings. However, the sum will not be sufficient for the health care of his sister. Now an outlaw, she would have fled to Turkey. Prosecuted for wanting to withdraw her own money, she is praised on social networks. Other desperate citizens are storming the banks since those responsible are not even bothered. It is not necessary to veil the face: for certain leaders recommend turning off the WIFI at night, it is because the people still only know the tip of the iceberg of debts. There is no other solution than to rethink the current system. There is no other way out but bitcoin (BTC).

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