The Web3 Game: Main Driver of Crypto Mass Adoption?

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon said speculation has been both ” the boon and bane of crypto“. He believes, however, that real use cases will eventually arise. More precisely, he sees the Web3 game as one of the main ways to motivate the masses to adopt cryptocurrencies. Precisely, Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform, has already undertaken initiatives in this direction.

How Web3 Gaming Can Help Increase Cryptocurrency Adoption

Naiwal lent himself to the game of the Ask Me Anything (AMA) conference on Reddit on May 25 as relayed Cointelegraph. A user of the platform then asked him what he considered to be of real use cases “real” for the Blockchain outside of trading and payments. here is answer given by Nailwal: ” I think gambling is the biggest opportunity for crypto “. He then added

Some of the best games will be released on Web3 over the next 6-18 months and it would be very interesting to see if any of them are able to crack the crypto code. Last year there was over $2 billion in funding for Web3 games. »

Moreover, on the question of the highly speculative side of cryptocurrencies, Naiwal replies that speculation has an advantage and a curse at the same time. ” Advantage, because it attracts the best talent to the industryscourge because obviously a large number of users and applications are speculative in nature” , did he declare.

Polygon took the lead on Web3 games

Last March, Polygon and Immutable X announced their association with the aim of creating a scalable gaming blockchain. This must use Polygon’s EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology.. The first advantage of this project is the establishment of an ecosystem that facilitates the creation of Blockchain games.

Polygon combined with its ecosystem players like IMX [Immutable X] obtained lion’s share of funded games. I’m crossing my fingers that some of them will turn out great! said Naiwal.

In short, the question of the real usefulness of cryptocurrencies is more and more pressing. in a context in which they are threatened with banishment. Trading and payments are apparently not enough to justify all the energy consumed by mining. Could gambling be the key to crypto survival?

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