Summary of ETHCC 6ᵉ edition summarizes here the 4 intense days of meetings, information and discussions that took place last week for the Parisian conference ETHCC 6.

Vitalik continues to surprise us at ETHCC

Vitalik Buterin, star speaker of ETHCC 6
Vitalik Buterin during ETHCC 6, source Alexis Patin

One of the most anticipated speakers of the event was obviously the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain and true star of the ecosystem, Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik Buterin is known for his close connection with the Ethereum community and his continuous commitment to the pursuit of innovation. Unlike some speakers who put on a show to captivate their audience, Vitalik didn’t need that, because his audience was already won over by his presence. He arrived on stage without fanfare and started talking about the technical subject of account abstraction on Ethereum, from the preliminary discussions of 2015 to the current proposals.

The topic of discussion during ETHCC 6 was how the Ethereum Foundation and other partners working on Ethereum development have resolved verification issues between miners and users and developers from 2015 until today.

In 2015, Ethereum wanted to change its model from Bitcoin to accept more transactions, going from a model where the “script” is a UTXO on Bitcoin to a model where the “script” is a contract for execution. Vitalik then understood that “multisig” (multi-signature) models were the best way to use the Ethereum blockchain. However, not many people used this model at first, which caused problems, especially with transactions to and from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Updates and innovations have been made over time, including the concept of paying transaction fees with ERC-20 tokens instead of ETH. This allowed some users, especially in South America, who were not familiar with cryptocurrencies, to pay fees with the same token they received and returned. Vitalik mentioned ERC-4337, which introduced the concept of a “paymaster” (payment sponsor) allowing a project to sponsor the transactions of other users in a decentralized way.

Some figures that show that the bear market does not prevent building

Building B during ETHCC 6
Entrance to building B, source Alexis Patin

Some might think that in this period of “bear market” the Ethereum Community Conference would have difficulty bringing together the actors of the ecosystem. The truth is quite different! Indeed, according to the organizers, more than 5,200 people came during the 4 days, without counting the hundreds of others who only went to the sides events, a technique to remember for those who do not want to spend too much on the ticket, because almost all the side events are free! Within the ETHCC, there were therefore 380 speakers, more than 140 hours of live between many stages, and the organizers identified 300 side events, but there were many more, generally small meet-ups of enthusiasts.

The industry continues to build with projects that do everything to connect Web2 and Web3, we will soon release an interview with the CEO of Aurora on this subject, and you will also find a fascinating discussion with one of the Core Developers of Ethereum, as well as with the co-founder of the most popular L2.

The ETHCC has also announced that next year the meeting will not be in Paris, but in the Belgian capital. Indeed, Brussels will be a more practical meeting place, because Paris risks experiencing an overloaded summer of 2024 with the Olympic Games!

To find the full version of the 4-day conference, it’s here.

We will see you very soon for a next event in France, Europe or elsewhere in the world!

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