Worldcoin and the mirror of the soul

ChatGPT creator launches worldcoin, a shitcoin that wants the apple of your eye.

“A shitcoin to fight AI”…

The goal of the worldcoin foundation is “to become the largest financial and human identity network”.

Founders Sam Altman and Alex Blania see it as a “reliable solution to distinguish humans from AI online”. This solution being the sulphurous biometric identity.

Worldcoin uses iris scanning. The biometric fingerprint allows access to Worldcoin and distinguishes humans from AI-powered bots.

So much so that the success of Worldcoin depends in part on the ability of the AI ​​to impersonate a human being. Or, to be more precise, the ability to influence elections via social networks…

Thus, immediately after opening Pandora’s box of AI, Sam Altman gives us a digital identity. The goal is to enable things like global democratic elections or an AI-funded universal basic income”. Just that.

“The Worldcoin is an attempt at global alignment”can we read in this letter with globalist overtones.

the orb

Obtaining worldcoins requires scanning one’s iris into an “orb”. There are currently 298 spread over dozens of countries.

Since May 2021, just over 2 million people have sold their iris to Sam Altman (mainly from developing countries). At this rate, it will take 3,100 years to harvest iris from around the world.

Why the iris? Because it is characteristic of every human. Its entropy is significantly higher than that of a fingerprint and its recognition about 10,000 times more accurate than facial recognition.

In sum, and to put it bluntly, Sam Altman tries to collect the biometric identity of every human in exchange for a crude shitcoin.

The worldcoin presents itself with great fanfare as “a decentralized open source protocol supported by a global community of developers”, but it is not. We can read in the white paper :

“Today, the foundation is ‘without members’. It has no owners or shareholders. It is governed by a board of directors made up of Chris Waclawek, Phillip Sippl and Glenn Kennedy. The Foundation is currently using a multi-signature wallet (4 of 6) to change the protocol. »

That said, it is still expected that worldcoin holders can ultimately influence the direction of the Worldcoin protocol:

“First, the worldcoin will give its holders the ability to shape the future of the protocol. Second, users can use the worldcoin to pay through the ‘world app’. It is also possible to use worldcoins as a ‘store of value’ or to make payments. »

“Shaping” the future of the protocol is a big word. The statutes of the foundation relating to governance provide for the creation of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), but which can only make “recommendations” on the foundation’s board of directors.

In addition to this centralized governance, it is not clear how the worldcoin will be distributed:

“When the founder of a cryptocurrency refuses to answer questions about its distribution mechanism, there is a wolf”

How many worldcoins in all?

The primary ambition of the creators of shitcoins is generally very simple: to automatically take part of the cake. The textbook case being Ethereum, pre-mined at 70%…

Vitaliks and his cronies (Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, Anthony Di Iorio and Joseph Lubin) distributed almost 20% of the ETH for free. Not to mention the 50% of ETH sold to insiders for a pittance.

Same modus operandi for Worldcoin. The foundation has even already increased the amount of worldcoins that will be distributed for free by 20 to 25%.

The firm of Alex Blania Tool for Humanity will get 13.5% of worldcoins, compared to 9.8% for the initial team of developers. Plus 1.7% in reserve.

And how much precisely for Sam Altman, this intriguing member of the Global AI Council of the World Economic Forum who has his entries at Bilderberg?…

Here is according to the list of investors in the Worldcoin project. We find there the same clique of VC at the origin of most of the pump & dump of shitcoins:

Either way, the rest of the world will have to scan their iris to glean “one Worldcoin every week, no maximum”. The money supply of the Worldcoin is therefore limitless…

In other words, the more popular the worldcoin will be, the more it will be diluted. Quite the opposite of bitcoin which will not exceed 21 million units.

One coin to rule them all

Alex Blania recently stated that eventually anyone wishing to use the internet will need to be authenticated by Worldcoin or ” something like that “ :

“Something like the World ID will eventually exist, which means you’ll have to verify [que vous êtes humain] on the internet, whether you like it or not”he launched.

This is forgetting Bitcoin and the Lightning Network a little too quickly, which can already get rid of bots. It would suffice to connect to Twitter, Facebook, etc., via a small deposit of a few satoshis confiscated in the event of malicious activity.

It would then be the end of bots, AI or not. No need to create a dangerous global file of biometric identities worthy of George Orwell’s 1984 novel.

His sidekick hopes that technology “break capitalism” by allowing a “more efficient allocation of resources”.

Add to all that central bank currencies (CBDC) which promise to be conditioned, with an expiration date. Or the fact that Elon Musk aims to replace half of the financial system, global » with its “everything app”.

The billionaires’ ambition is to link money to our every action via a universal and biometric digital identity. With the focus on an AI selection of those deemed worthy of climbing the social ladder.

The Great Monetary Reset promises to be cacophonous. Luckily bitcoin exists.

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