Scandal at Pepecoin (PEPE): Matt Furie not aware of the existence of the memecoin

Matt Furie is the inventor of Pepe The Frog, a cartoon character representing a ” peaceful frog guy » recently become popular in the world of cryptocurrencies. During his participation in a live chat on Twitter, he claimed thathe is not aware of the existence of Pepecoin. Accustomed to lawsuits against bad jokes around his iconic meme, Furie could go to court again.

PEPE, a wild success without the knowledge of its inventor

The more popular memecoins become, the more valuable they become. Such is the case of Pepecoin, this new cryptocurrency associated with an internet meme which, in mid-April, made a sensational entry into the sector.

To give you an idea of ​​its success, know that:

  • PEPE has increased from $50,000 to $821 million in market capitalization after its launch;
  • its value would have increased by almost 5,000,000%, according to the Protos crypto media ;
  • PepeCoin has already done several millionaires in just a short time ;
  • etc

Note also Binance was seduced by PEPE and decided to list it alongside FLOKI on May 5th.

But news relayed by Protos risks bringing down the holders of Pepecoin from the clouds. In fact, the inventor of the same emblematic has been talking about him lately on Twitter.

In fact, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. What is Pepecoin? asked Matt Furie on Twitter Spaces lately? The cat was supposed to approach his new NFT art collection, “Zogs”, but it seemed difficult not to arrive at the famous Pepecoin occasionally.

We don’t put Fury in fury

Otherwise, he will go to court to attack the inventors of the famous memecoin, PEPE. Already, he has already chosen this option for punish Infowars and Alex Jones in 2019. As a reminder, the latter have used Pepe The Frog to promote products intended to fuel hate propaganda. Gold, Matt Furie doesn’t like people making money behind his back. And even less the association of his character, advocating peace, with hatred.

At the end of the trial, the opposing team had to pay the sum of $15,000 in damages.

Thus, some fear a new response from the artist against the creators of PEPE. Moreover, he has already chosen his favorite memecoin, the Dogecoin.

Confession of Matt Furie’s Favorite Memecoin

We ask Matt Furie what he thinks of pepecoin, he says he is a maxi dogecoin »

Otherwise, it should be noted that PEPE could not maintain his cruising speed since his fall is more and more proven at the moment.

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