Presidential 2024: DeSantis, the pro-crypto Banner against Trump

On the Republican side, former President Donald Trump appears to have a strong contender in the race for the 2024 United States presidency. Indeed, Republican Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, recently filed his formal candidacy for the presidential. One of the advantages he might have over Trump is his pro-Bitcoin policies.

The Presidential of 2024: Between Rejection and Hope for the Crypto Community

The displayed rejection of cryptocurrencies by former US President Donald Trump, the declared presidential candidate of 2024, is causing some concern within the crypto community. Despite his paradoxical foray into the world of NFTs, Trump persists in viewing Bitcoin (BTC) as a scam. In fact, the candidacy of Ron DeSantis awakens hope for a brighter future for many crypto-enthusiasts.

The political landscape of 2024 promises to be nuanced with the arrival of openly pro-crypto candidates. Among them, Vivek Ramaswamy, figure of the Republican Party, recently affirmed that he would accept donations in bitcoin for his campaign, while inviting to make the election a “referendum on the fiat currency”. On the side of the Democrats, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. also shows a favorable position with regard to cryptocurrencies. The first political figure to accept BTC donations for his campaign and a staunch defender of cryptocurrencies, he has already distinguished himself by challenging a government proposal to tax cryptocurrency miners up to 30%.

Ron DeSantis: Towards Institutional Recognition of Cryptos in 2024?

When he announced his entry into the race for the presidency of 2024, the governor of Florida was able to restore hope to the community. Indeed, he indicated that he would not prevent American citizens from investing in bitcoin, once he became president. He made this statement after being asked for his opinion on the crypto regulatory framework in the United States. Also, he highlighted that he would show strong opposition to any law to ban the use of bitcoin. He added : “ I just don’t want to control everything people can do in this space “.

It should be clarified that Ron DeSantis is adamantly opposed to CBDCs. In addition, he announced his intention to run for president in a Twitter space on Wednesday. He was then alongside billionaire Elon Musk, the boss of the social network. It must be said that Musk expressed his regrets about having voted for Joe Biden in 2020. At the same time, he does not support Trump. Rather, he would like a normal person as president “.

Like several other Republicans, Ron DeSantis believes that the Biden administration wants to undermine the crypto industry through regulation. The US government has demonstrated its intentions well by not opposing the crypto crackdown being carried out by regulators. At the same time, Joe Biden is pushing for the creation of a CBDC when the project is far from unanimous in the country.

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