Crypto: Good news for our Canadian friends

The gradual adoption of cryptos is driving the development of companies in the digital asset value chain. This is the case of, which has just reached a symbolic stage in its growth.

Strong growth

The exchange recently announced that it has officially reached the symbolic mark of 70 million users worldwide. Rapid growth despite bear market. Indeed, the platform had 50 million users last May and 10 million in February 2021. An announcement to which he added that he has already peaked more than a billion dollars in revenue this year. It should be noted that the crypto service provider has already posted a similar achievement last year.

The 70 million users represent the subscribers of the exchange platform, the electronic wallet and those of other crypto services. The CEO of the Singapore-based company turned satisfied reaching this stage. He indicated that there is no better time to develop the market than during the bear market.

Company CEO Satisfaction

The crucial role of sports in the development of

This growth of is largely explained by its marketing strategy, which is largely geared towards the world of sport. In recent years, the company has signed numerous agreements with several franchises in the world of football, basketball, etc.

“Our sports marketing partnerships have been pivotal in raising awareness of and contributing to our exponential growth over the past two years (…) These efforts will continue to be a focal point of our marketing strategy going forward”said Steven Kalifowitz, manager in charge of the marketing arm of the company.

Among others, The Arena, home to the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks, was given its new name as part of a 20-year, $700 million deal.’s eye-catching sports trades were particularly marked during the market’s upswing. Officials of the Singapore-based company plan to continue investing in the marketing segment. This should drive the development and adoption of platform services. In all, crypto companies committed $2.4 billion to sports marketing in the space of 18 months.

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