An unknown and very active miner arrives on the Bitcoin network!

In the Bitcoin ecosystem, based on the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, groups of miners, called ‘mining pools’, are formed. These pools bring together individuals who pool their resources to improve their chances of mining blocks on the blockchain. The combination of their resources increases their computing power, and thus allows them to have more probabilities of validating a block of transactions. As soon as a block is validated, as a reward, Bitcoin automatically offers miners 6.25 BTC.

The most reputable mining pools so far include Binance Pool, AntPool, ViaBTC and Foundry USA. However, it seems that a new big miner, whose identity still remains secret, has appeared on the largest blockchain in the world.

Unknown mining entity amassed 65 BTC in 24 hours of intense activity

Just recently, the Bitcoin network, for which Kaleo predicts violent upward movements, was invaded by an unknown miner who has been very active. The entity quickly proceeded to mine several blocks, obtaining the reward of 6.25 BTC. In the last day, she checked more than 10 bitcoin blocks. This allowed him to earn over 65 BTC worth over $1.7 million at the spot rate.

The Bitcoin community is still unaware of the identity of this intriguing miner, as trackers have failed to identify him. Analysts believe it could be a new player who has just connected thousands of mining devices to the Bitcoin network. The new entity has surely taken this provision to ensure that it successfully verifies its blocks and remains competitive.

Mystery in the Blockchain: What is the real identity of the new miner?

Given the performance of the new player, analysts suspect it is actually a mining pool. Some think it could be F2Pool, one of the oldest and largest mining pools in the world. Home note a problem in the attribution logic. Tracker data indicates that F2Pool was last active on May 24.

It is worth pointing out that the hash rate of bitcoin (BTC) is constantly increasing. Also, with the influx of miners, several mining pools dominate the market, making it difficult to choose just one. Even so, they are very important in the market, as they cater to the needs of different miners. That said, the reputation of a mining pool plays a key role in its popularity. Several factors can affect this reputation. These include applicable fees, reliability, and hash rate value.

In conclusion, the universe of blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC) mining is constantly evolving, with an ever-increasing hash rate. Faced with the influx of miners, mining pools have become dominant players in the market, thus making the selection of a simple miner more complex. With the arrival of major new players, the Bitcoin mining landscape promises to remain vibrant and challenging.

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