Mining bitcoin (BTC) with renewable energy, Thanks Ireland!

Faced with these alarming figures on the consumption of the Bitcoin network, it was necessary to change energy sources for BTC mining. Several countries then began to turn to renewable energies. This is the case of Ireland, which recently presented its first mining center powered by renewable energies.

Ireland launches its first green bitcoin (BTC) mining center!

With a tweet On August 3, Scilling Digital Mining introduced the crypto community to a video showcasing Ireland’s first renewable energy-powered bitcoin (BTC) mining facility. It is the realization of several years of research on the optimization of energy consumption by the Bitcoin network. It all started in 2017, when several reports indicated that the miners were using too much electricity. Ireland then set out to find a solution to this problem.

In 2018, Ireland was able to draw inspiration from what Moldova had just accomplished. Indeed, Moldova launched its largest photovoltaic system that year. It was a 100% sustainable building powered by solar energy and intended for the mining of bitcoin. It should be noted that the system was built thanks to the companies Consulcesi Tech and Fly Ren Energy Company.

Consulcesi Tech specializes in setting up real professional applications such as e-learning, using blockchain technology. The company has largely received support from the Moldovan government for the construction of the plant. Fly Ren Energy Company is a company specializing in the production of electricity from solar energy.

Eco-mining is now possible in Ireland as in several other countries. These include Iran, Texas, Kenya and Costa Rica. We can hope for a wide use of renewable energies to mine bitcoin (BTC) in other countries of the world.

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