McLaren Unveils Crypto-Inspired Look For Its Race Cars

In early 2021, a Nielsen Media Research report, titled Fans are changing the gameexplained that the sports sponsorship that companies in the crypto value chain will unlock will reach $5 billion by 2026.

OKX continues its path in the world of sport!

Formula 1 team McLaren Racing have revealed what their race cars will look like at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix. It’s a looks inspired by the crypto universe. Indeed, the team has signed a partnership contract with the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. This is an aesthetic that features McLaren’s Fluor Papaya color range with neon pink embellishments. It also covers dynamic illustrations of the engine inspired by cyberpunk.

McLaren said the design represents the emergence of new technologies, such as crypto and Web3 more broadly. “It was incredibly fun for us and McLaren to design this look together (…) It signals the arrival of some bold new technology. The cyberpunk design we created celebrates the influence of Web3 on popular culture”explained Haider Rafique, Marketing Director of OKX.

The new style of the English team’s racing cars can be admired during the Singapore Grand Prix. The event will take place on October 2. It is announced that this style will also be used in the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix.

The announcement comes as the Singapore race organization earlier banned crypto advertisements this season. For information, this is the first time since 2019 that motor racing has returned to the Asian continent.

A collaboration that extends to NFTs

Under the terms of the collaboration, OKX will help McLaren revolutionize its digital asset and metaverse strategy. Last year, McLaren announced a plan to build an NFT project on the Tezos blockchain. McLaren is also planning to display its NFTs on its luxury cars. This partnership is being developed with the Web3 InfiniteWorld infrastructure platform.

This is not the first time that OKX has entered the sports world to boost its branding. In July, the crypto company signed a deal with English club Manchester City to sponsor its training kit. An agreement for which she released the trifle of 20 million dollars. Business interactions between crypto and sports companies will see strong growth over the next few years.

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