Eminem and Snoop continue the shows with the Bored Ape!

Could the spark that will rekindle the NFT fire come from Snoop and Eminem? Because whenever non-fungible tokens find themselves in a bind, they always find a solution. Didn’t they release a clip featuring the Bored Ape Yacht Club last June when ApeCoin was going through a crisis? Last Sunday, these legendary rappers were talked about again. And you certainly know how tough the situation is for NFTs right now.

NFT lovers Eminem and Snoop ignite the

We know that no one in the rap world can match Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. and Marshall Bruce Mathers III’s love of NFTs and the metaverse. For them, non-fungible tokens present themselves as a GREAT opportunity to seize. This is why Eminem started selling NFT very early on, before embarking on the Bored Ape adventure.

Snoop Doggy Dogg is also not one to miss opportunities. Tremplin.io has closely followed its recent investments, to name only the purchase of virtual land in The Sandbox, the cultivation of digital herbs in the metaverse, the launch of NFT collections or the announcement of an album including music NFT with Steve Aoki.

Lately, the two released a clip featuring their respective Bored Ape, “ From The D 2 The LBC “. An opus with 47 million views on YouTube which was able to bring ApeCoin back to life as soon as it was released.

But these legendary rappers don’t think they’ll stop there in their promotion of BAYC. In fact, they gave a show breathtaking last Sunday at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

Obviously, this surprised the audience since their peers (Nicki Minaj, Flo Milli…) performed there physically. For Snoop and Eminem, there is no question of missing such an opportunity to better promote NFTs and the metaverse.

The two men first chose a black sofa to start with. Well-posed Snoop Dogg with his oversized joint suddenly took the audience on a teleportation to the metaverse. And that’s when they started embodying their own respective BAYC avatars.

A well-prepared performance

We must not forget that ” From the D 2 the LBC Signs the end of the arguments between Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Because long before the release of this clip, these two American rappers pursued their own path separately following a disagreement relating to a downgrading of Eminem in the Top 10 rap legends.

Also worth noting is that the two haven’t stepped onto the VMAs stages in ages. Their last joint appearance dates back to 1999, while Eminem only showed up in 2010. Snoop only received an invitation to host the same event in 2005.

Eminem and Snoop, who had just buried the hatchet, therefore preferred to strike hard with this staging worthy of their new comeback. They should be proud of this achievement.

To be able to perform like this, they had the help of Yuga Labs and MTV News. In fact, the script was blown by Otherside, a metaverse platform owned by Yuga Labs. By doing so, and featuring the Bored Ape, Otherside will certainly gain popularity with American audiences.

That’s why they thanked Eminem and Snoop for their performance during the VMAs.

Nevertheless, the live hybrid of ” From the D 2 the LBC performed by Snoop and Eminem only garnered a nomination for Best Hip-Hop Song. The two could not match Blackpint to the point of seeing the nomination for the best performance in the metaverse go to Blackpink. Note that the Video Vanguard Award was attributed to the artist who performed ” Do We Have a Problem “Nicky Minaj.

A breath of fresh air for Web 3?

Admittedly, Eminem and Snoop didn’t reap the most trophies during this performance, but we’ll agree that their approach was much appreciated by the Bored Ape community. This is how new assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies will gain popularity. AND as a corollary, their values ​​will once again increase.

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