The Crypto Gouv scammer about to be unmasked?

In July, the scammer Crypto Gouv was leaving with the money of his followers and investors: balance sheet approximately 4 million euros and more than 300 victims. Internet users are looking for him, although the scammer has used many false identities.

Fake identities and fake profile picture

We had detailed the scam in an article. Before leaving with the cash register, the scammerthe height of cynicism, had explained to his community on Telegram how he managed to scam them. Of course, he had multiple identities and a fake profile picture. No need to search there. It is not at all about Romain Fournier, that would be far too easy and above all completely wrong. That some try to investigate on their side why not, but others would have the very bad idea to do justice themselves.

crypto gov scam
Threats seen on Twitter. Do not do justice yourself, is it useful to specify?

Crypto gov allegedly left digital traces

We know it, even Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road) ended up being shut down, so did the crypto RR handlers. Scammers are regularly found by the police because of a forgotten detail… We learned at the start of the year that 94,000 bitcoins (BTC) stolen from the Bitfinex platform in 2016 had just been recovered! A track is already emerging to find Crypto Gouv, even if he claims to have used Monero to remain anonymous.

paid influencers, followers deceived

The biggest influencers get paid to advertise a product. By the way Boobathe famous rapper, is at war to denounce the “ influencers “. Here it is the same principle of manipulation, except that Crypto Govt was scamming on his own, maybe with a team. A message on the Telegram channel from the CEO of CAD Maker indicates that the platform is ready to give the identity of Crypto Gov on request. If the KYC has been done correctly, then we will know the identity of the scammer. It is therefore absolutely necessary that the victims lodge a complaint!

Follow the biggest scammer wallet, crypto.gouv:

The site to explain to victims how to file a complaint against crypto.gouv and the account Mutual Aid Discord.

Interesting video that explains manipulation techniques

Even if you feel stupid for having entrusted your money to a stranger, stop feeling sorry for yourself and file a complaint! This is the only way to get things done and get your funds back. Mental manipulation techniques have been known for a very long time and you are above all a victim.

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