Bitcoin (BTC): Mastercard and ALL merchants

The Bitcoin (BTC) market is constantly evolving, with more and more new projects being launched. Recently, OpenNode and Launch Cart signed a partnership. The idea is to encourage greater adoption of bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment within companies in the e-commerce sector.

Bitcoin payments for e-commerce businesses

OpenNode and Launch Cart recently launched a tool based on the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network. The new system will allow payments to be made in BTC on the Launch Cart e-commerce platform. You should know that Launch Cart is a SaaS provider that aims to facilitate the entry of companies into e-commerce. He decided to offer his customers a new tool that could boost their turnover. For this purpose, it has partnered with Bitcoin infrastructure provider OpenNode.

Launch Cart also announced the launch of a wholesale dropshipping platform that its users can use. That said, the company explained that bitcoin will significantly reduce the risk of fraud on its e-commerce platform. There will therefore be a great advantage in using the Lightning network, which also allows instant and immutable payments.

Launch Cart also indicated that the new tool will provide significant time and cost savings to businesses. Indeed, it will remove intermediaries from the process and automatically convert fiat into local currencies. Entrepreneurs will therefore not need to have advanced knowledge of crypto to adopt bitcoin as a payment solution.

Greg Writer, CEO of Launch Cart, said, “We are very excited to give our customers the ability to accept bitcoin using OpenNode and Lighting Network.“. “We feel we are a great partner for OpenNode to help them in their mission to empower and connect the world with bitcoin“, he added.

Software company Launch Cart recently announced the launch of a new tool on its e-commerce platform. This tool created in partnership with OpenNode aims to facilitate the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment in the field of e-commerce. Launch Cart is also launching Source and Sell, a platform dedicated to wholesale dropshipping.

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