Earn crypto while discovering Web3 thanks to Massa

Founded in July 2021, Massa Ecosystem has established itself as a major player in blockchain. Its main objective: to resolve the trilemma of performance, decentralization and security. The success of Massa Ecosystem is based on a unique combination of high performance, Web3 innovations and project support. In this article, learn how Massa stands out by providing an unparalleled blockchain experience through the Massa Quest dashboard. The latter emphasizes community participation and rewards.

What you need to know about Massa Ecosystem

Massa Ecosystem represents the summit of an ambitious project which has solving the blockchain trilemma. More precisely, it is a complex challenge which consists of balancing three very distinct elements:

  • the performance,
  • decentralization,
  • Security.

Since its humble beginnings in July 2021 as a testnet, Massa has traveled an impressive path to becoming a vibrant hub of the blockchain ecosystem. It now attracts the attention of more than 16 major projects.

But what truly sets Massa apart from its peers is its commitment to maintaining a perfect balance between high performance and authentic decentralization.

Massa wants to be an open testing ground to all users wishing to participate in the testnet. This openness allows users to experience the protocol first-hand. But not only ! They will also have the opportunity to see continued improvements. Massa successfully addresses common issues in Layer-1 blockchains, including:

  • high costs,
  • limited flow,
  • the risks linked to centralization.

Massa also displays remarkably organic growththus allowing it to stand out from the many other layer 1 blockchains which often depend on more centralized initiatives.

Dashboard Massa Quest and its rewards

Recently, Massa launched its Massa Quest dashboard. It is a centralized platform that opens the doors for all community members to participate in exciting quests within the ecosystem. This dashboard allows participants to track their ranking and earn rewards.

The concept is simple: every week, we add new quests from various projects in the Massa ecosystem. The goal is to encourage users to come back regularly to maintain or improve their position in the rankings.

To complete your first quest and link your Bearby wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Discord : Join Massa Discord and go to the Massa Dashboard to link your Discord account (make sure your Discord account is verified on mobile to be eligible).
  2. Download Bearby : For your first quest, download the Bearby expansion from the expansion store.
  3. Link Bearby Wallet : Return to the Massa dashboard, click “Profile” and link your Bearby wallet to unlock new possibilities.
  4. Check quest status : Completed quests will be updated every 24 hours, allowing you to track your progress and anticipate upcoming rewards.
  5. Track your ranking : Regularly check the “Rankings” section of the Massa Quest dashboard. You will be able to see your current location there. This will be a great opportunity to compete in a friendly manner with other members of the community and aim for the top spots.
  6. Schedule weekly visits : You must actively participate to earn more rewards. New quests are regularly added every week. This means that we are constantly renewing your adventure within Massa Quest.

In summary, the Massa Quest Dashboard offers community members an exciting opportunity to:

  • actively engage,
  • measure yourself against other participants,
  • earn attractive rewards while exploring the Massa ecosystem.

This innovation adds to the growing list of reasons why Massa continues to attract the attention of developers and blockchain enthusiasts around the world. Massa is not just a blockchain, it is above all a dynamic community that propels innovation to new heights in the exciting world of Web3.

If you have any questions or need support related to the Massa Quest dashboard, please visit the “Dashboard Support” section of the Massa Discord. A dedicated team is there to help and guide you in this exciting adventure.

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