Audi introduces virtual reality in its vehicles

Audi introduces Holoride virtual reality (VR) in its vehicles. Passengers can then immerse themselves in the virtual world via the VRs of the technology company from Munich. Imagine being immersed in your favorite games or movies while traveling, a real paradise for gamers. In addition, the content adapts to driving movements in real time!

Holoride (RIDE) collaborates with Audi

Audi’s owner, Volkswagen Group, announced in a tweet the introduction of Holoride’s virtual reality into serial production. Thanks to this partnership, Holoride (RIDE) transforms vehicles into veritable mobile theme parks. This gives meaning to daily journeys since passengers can be entertained in the meantime. Indeed, thanks to this Holoride system, passengers connect to a virtual world synchronized with the movement of the vehicle.

This integration of Holoride (VR) is also an important first step in the evolution of the startup. In addition, this system has a very promising adoption rate potential. Moreover, this system of VR in car is not exclusive to Audi’s lineups. Thus, Holoride can at any time collaborate with other car brands.

Audi x Holoride
Integration of the Holoride system in the Audi e-tron Sportback / Source : Audi MediaCenter

Opportunities to collect NFTs?

Apart from being entertained, there are other opportunities for the rear passengers as well. According to Holoride and Audi, they will be able to buy or collect NFTs while visiting the virtual world. The Elrond Blockchain (EGLD) will support these NFTs. In addition to this, the user can also play location-based games. Like the case of Pokémon Go, which connects the virtual world and the real world.

Holoride was launched by Audi in 2019, but the startup is not owned by the brand. This means that each brand can integrate this VR system into their vehicles. As we mentioned above, the adventure has only just begun for this new company based in Germany.

And of course, Holoride says he solved the problem related to motion sickness. When experiencing in VR, the movements felt match what happens in VR, with almost no latency. Thus, it offers a better immersive experience during the journey.

Thanks to this partnership between Holoride and Audi, travel on the passenger side takes on a whole new look. No more boredom while traveling, every kilometer to travel becomes an interesting adventure.

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