Crypto: Solana (SOL) inaugurates physical stores

Blockchain technology aims to be accessible to everyone. Yet, it is seen that users of a crypto protocol can hardly communicate with others. Crypto projects have recently thought of solving this problem by forming the Open Chat Alliance.

Solana (SOL) based projects unite for a worthy cause!

Several projects based on Solana (SOL) have decided to sign a partnership in order to establish an inter-chain messaging standard. They formed an alliance called Open Chat Alliance composed of 19 members including the messaging platform Notifi Network. They want to streamline the processing of crypto communications through a transparent and interoperable standard. Concretely, the CEO of Notifi, Paul Kim, explained that the alliance aims to solve a fundamental problem faced by cryptocurrency users.

Indeed, once members join the community of a crypto project, they lose some freedom of communication. They are no longer able to communicate freely with users of other crypto protocols or projects. According to Paul Kim, this situation does not conform to the general concept of Web3. Indeed, Web3 is supposed to be open-sourceaccessible and interoperable.

It must be said that some crypto projects have already tried to solve this problem. For example, the data service chain link has its own inter-chain system. Moreover, the entire Cosmos ecosystem was developed around the idea of ​​communication between blockchains. That said, the Open Chat Alliance intends to build a communication standard that projects based on different networks can use. These projects will thus be able to communicate with each other despite the technical differences between their blockchains.

According to Notifi’s CEO, an interoperable standard would allow his crypto wallet to be used as a passport. “And this passport contains data on what you have and do not have in your assets” he added.

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