ZeroSync revolutionizes Bitcoin: From simple wallets to Full nodes!

ZeroSync has just deployed a revolutionary system based on zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs for the Bitcoin network, opening the possibility for wallets to instantly sync with the network thanks to the Stark Proof system.

ZeroSync rolls out the first ZK client based on Stark proof for Bitcoin

the developer of ZeroSync, has just introduced the first ever client based on zero knowledge proofs (Zero Knowledge, or ZK) for the Bitcoin network. This project, built on the Cairo programming language from Starkware, offer Bitcoin users the ability to validate the state of the network without the need to download the entire blockchain.

To fully understand the impact of this innovation, it is crucial to understand the current challenges of synchronizing a full node on the Bitcoin network.

Traditionally, this operation requires downloading the entire blocks, a task which can be laborious, sometimes requiring hours or even days, and the imposing size of the blockchain (around 600 GB), not to mention the skills required techniques.

However, to make access to the Bitcoin network more accessible, many users are turning to lightweight nodes, particularly light nodes. Thus, it becomes accessible to participate in the network by simply downloading a Bitcoin wallet, although this has some limitations and can lead to potential risks related to the security of your BTC and privacy.

How is ZeroSync reinventing Bitcoin network synchronization?

It should be noted that these “light nodes” also called SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) “nodes” are integrated into wallets. They do not take part in the transaction validation process, as they do not keep block history or UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs). During the initial synchronization, only the block headers are downloaded.

By exploiting simplified payment proofs (SPV) intended for “light nodes”, it becomes possible to verify that a transaction is actually included in a block based solely on the header (hash) of each block . However, it should be emphasized that this hash represents only a tiny fraction of the data contained in a block.

This is why ZeroSync’s innovation is based on “ZK proof” (zero knowledge proof) technology. The ultimate goal of ZeroSync is to build a verifier without prior knowledge of the Bitcoin mainnet. To do this, ZeroSync improves the SPV proof by consolidating headers into a single proof, paving the way for substantial improvements in the scalability of the Bitcoin network.

Advances in ZK proofs for the network

ZK proofs are cryptographic methods that provide increased privacy and scalability. They allow a party to authenticate the truth of a statement without disclosing additional information. This means transactions can be verified quickly without exposing sensitive data.

ZeroSync highlighted that ZK proofs are a solution to Bitcoin’s challenges related to transaction speed and network congestion. By allowing thin clients to verify the inclusion of transactions on Bitcoin almost instantly, the network can operate more smoothly.

According to Robin Linus, co-founder of ZeroSync, this advancement significantly lowers the barriers to entry for users wanting to actively participate in the Bitcoin network.

In the long term, we hope to bring massive scalability to Bitcoin using Stark Proofs. ZeroSync is currently developing a Layer 2 protocol with remarkable privacy and scalability properties, enabling Bitcoin to process over 100 token transactions per second, representing a significant leap toward the necessary scalability. »

ZeroSync has already taken a major step forward by releasing a checker for the Bitcoin network header chain as part of its ZK client. This innovation is part of the current trend of ZK proof protocols, already in vogue on second-layer blockchains, notably on Ethereum. This advancement could not only strengthen the scalability of the Bitcoin network, but also improve anonymity for its users.

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