Crypto: Stripe launches 'conversion optimized' fiat widget

Founded in 2009, the startup Stripe is a creation of Irish entrepreneurs John and Patric Collison. It provides internet-based payment processing solutions to large companies like Shopify and Instacart. Crypto-friendly Stripe is now one of the most valuable companies in Silicon Valley. It all started in 2021, when the company managed to raise $600 million from several investors. The valuation of the startup was then 95 billion dollars. Today, we learn that Stripe is studying the feasibility of going public. But, what is being prepared concretely?

Stripe hires Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase: why?

After launching several tools and services in 2022, Stripe is kicking off the new year by considering a public offering. The Internet payment startup plans to explore the possibility of making such an offer for 12 months. In this context, it hired Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, reported the Wall Street Journal January 26.

The two banking giants will give advice to Stripe regarding the feasibility of an IPO. They will also help him establish the appropriate schedule for such an operation.

A major step for Stripe?

A source close to Stripe management said there are two possibilities in this case. First, the startup’s executives may be planning to take it public. Second, they might want to offer employees the ability to sell shares for a private transaction.

But, the first case seems unlikely given that the startup hasn’t raised any additional funds lately. What seems safer is that the company considering getting a direct quote. In this case, it would deposit its shares on a public exchange and it would be up to the market to decide the price.

Stripe started offering bitcoin (BTC) payment services in 2015. But, in 2018, the startup stopped offering these services. She then argued that BTC was more useful as an asset than a medium of exchange. Then, it returned to the crypto sector in 2021, to again offer payments via blockchain technology. The following year, she launched a new service for content creators. The latter allows fans and customers to pay content creators as well as sellers in USDC.

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