US retailers soon to be invaded by bitcoin (BTC) ATMs

Driven by the idea of ​​offering substitutes for fiat, Bitcoin Depot has, since 2016, managed to install bitcoin ATMs throughout North America. About 7,000 devices belonging to this company have been installed so far. The latest news, Bitcoin Depot plans to install additional bitcoin ATMs to facilitate the daily life of American consumers.

Bitcoin Depot strengthens its presence in North America

The black year that was 2022 did not see a significant increase in the number of bitcoin ATMs installed on both sides of the world. There has indeed been a slowdown compared to 2021.

World’s largest Bitcoin ATM operator to deploy machines to hundreds more convenience stores across the US. »

The website of Bitcoin Depot announced on January 25 that an association with a number of convenience stores in the United States has been established. The purpose of this initiative is to install BTC ATMs in additional locations.

Gas Express, High’s Majors Management, FastLane and Stinker Stores are among Bitcon Depot’s new partners for the occasion.

We are seeing more and more retailers understand the potential value of their customers’ access to bitcoin through Bitcoin Depot’s ATMs and these partnerships strengthen our value proposition for large retailers in the United States. “says Brandon Mintz, CEO and founder of Bitcoin Depot.

Tips for Buying Bitcoin at ATMs

2022, an annus mirabilis?

For Bitcoin Depot, 2022 was not an annus horribilis. This US-based BTC ATM provider did not suffer the same fate as FTX, Terra, Celsius, Midas and the like. The proof ? The company decided to go public with GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp in August 2022. This allowed it the installation of bitcoin ATMs in 440 additional locations in North America.

Also note that Bitcoin Depot acquired a majority stake in Bitaccess last November.

Currently, the United States has the most bitcoin ATMs in the world. In May 2022, the country of Uncle Sam identified around 33,000 devices. But Europe only had about 1,400. In any case, Bitcoin Depot, which thinks of conquering local businesses, will make sure to accelerate the democratization of bitcoin on American soil.

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