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Gemba is revolutionizing the metaverse. Through its virtual reality (VR)-focused services, the company offers companies unique ways to train their employees. To do this, it provides them with new educational programs and gives them access, for example, through a VR headset, to simulations of interactive training events. The company now aims to conquer new markets.

“Penetrating Europe, the Middle East and Africa”

Gemba, a company that offers companies services focused on training their employees via VR technology, announced on Wednesday (January 25th) that it has raised $18 million as part of its activities. The information comes from The Block.

The transaction was completed via a Series A financing round, led by Parkway Venture Capital. A transaction which values ​​Gemba at 60 million dollars and which should allow the company to extend its areas of intervention.

Fundraising announcement

The company aims to penetrate the emerging VR market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is also targeting the North American market, where it wants to position itself as a leader in VR training offered to businesses.

So far, the company has won over a host of major industrial groups, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Carlsberg, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. A dazzling expansion despite the high cost of its services.

Services “expensive”but wanted

Gemba’s VR offer for the metaverse is currently not very accessible to all budgets. Its services seem to target a category of wealthy clients. For a company able to afford them, it is necessary to spend at least 120,000 dollars each year for a group of 50 employees. On a larger scale, the bill is more salty, exceeding one million dollars.

Until the company finds a way to make the latter more accessible at a lower cost, the enthusiasm for its services continues to grow, and there is a reason for that.

Indeed, the development of the metaverse allows companies looking for performance to gain in productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. All this while guaranteeing them the reduction of their carbon footprint, a strategic element for societies at a time when global warming has become a major issue.

In any case, this fundraiser for the metaverse company once again indicates the growing interest in virtual reality, in particular the training aspect. This means that this technology is popular right now.

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