Crypto United States: Soon on Capitol Hill?

Senator Ted Cruz positions himself as a strong advocate for crypto industries. In Texas, he works for the accessibility of cryptocurrency. Aiming big, he even wants the Capitol to become a place conducive to the development of crypto. The proof, he has just proposed a law in favor of sellers and service providers who accept crypto on Capitol Hill.

Senator Ted Cruz intends to introduce crypto to the Capitol – US

Bill prioritizes crypto on Capitol Hill (US)

In a previous statement, US lawmaker Ted Cruz affirms his desire to make Texas a center of crypto innovation. This time, he seems to want to broaden his horizons. Indeed, the Texas senator is currently pushing for crypto to be used on Capitol Hill.

On January 25, Ted Cruz presents A resolution in favor of vendors and vendors accepting crypto as a payment option on Capitol Hill. If lawmakers pass this bill, providers who do not accept cryptocurrencies will no longer have a place in this prestigious building in the United States.

More explicitly, the proposed law addresses areas of the Capitol where crypto payments could work. This includes gift shops, restaurants and vending machines.

A bill still inaccessible to the public

As of this writing, Ted Cruz’s proposed legislation remains inaccessible on the Congressional website. Also, there is not yet any precise information on the potential cost of implementing the proposal.

Many questions arise around this proposal: how will Congress find sellers and providers who accept crypto in the event that the proposed legislation is passed? Would this resolution force providers to accept payment in crypto?

This bill is still unclear to the public. We are also waiting for explanations and clarifications from Ted Cruz. In any case, it must be approved by the Senate and the United States House to pass. It will also go through several stages of consultation.

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