Tether: Explosion in the number of counters offering USDT in Brazil?

As of November 3, more than 24,000 ATMs in Brazil will offer tether tokens (USDT). The announcement was made on October 20 by Tether Operations Limited, lhe platform powering the largest stablecoin with a total market value of nearly $70 billion. It is the company specializing in secure online payments, Smartpay, which will be responsible for the launch throughout the country.

24,000 ATMs in Brazil will offer tether tokens (USDT)

24,000 ATMs in Brazil will offer Tether tokens

Start of the week, Tether Operation Limited said USDT will land in 24,000 ATMs in Brazil. In reality, this news is not really a surprise, since the country is lagging behind in terms of digital payments. Just over a year ago, a Brazilian institute shared the results of an investigation carried out on the national territory. This focused on banked people in Brazil. Indeed, nearly 34 million people are unbanked. Either they have never opened a bank account, or they have an account that they hardly ever use.

In other words, the fact that smartpay, thinks servicing Tether tokens in Brazil will have several benefits. The most important thing is that it will allow Brazilians to familiarize themselves with the ecosystem of virtual currencies. Brazil is one of the most populous countries in the world, but economic difficulties are slowing the democratization of crypto. Paolo Ardoinoa Tether framework, is the first to share this idea in these terms: “The difficulties and limitations imposed by inflation and a poorly inclusive financial system have prevented many Brazilian citizens from participating in the country’s economic growth”, he pointed out. According to him, this is good news not only for individuals, but also for the online payments industry and the crypto sector in Brazil.


In sum, Tether is very popular in South America. It is also one of the most popular coins in Brazilian territory in terms of displaced value. According to some figures from last August, there were more than 79,836 operations. This represents more than 1.4 billion transferred with an average of 18,000 dollars for each transaction.

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