Crypto: Craig Wright loses his lawsuit against Hodlonaut

Several people claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of bitcoin (BTC), the flagship crypto. One of the most famous is Australian computer scientist Craig Wright. If several times, members of the crypto community have demonstrated that he is not Satoshi, he does not budge. He goes further and does not hesitate to take legal action to confront those who contradict him.

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For members of the crypto community, this is perhaps one of the most heartening news of the week. After more than a month of legal battle, crypto influencer Hodlonaut has won his lawsuit against Australian developer Craig Wright. The latter pretended to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, which annoyed a good part of the crypto community, which made every effort to dispute his statements.

Victory for Hodlonaut!

Among his biggest critics is influencer Magnus Granath, aka Hodlonaut. He released documents indicating that Wright is a “pathetic crook, a liar, a mental patient”, etc. He also, among other things, called it fraud and even launched, in 2019, a hashtag on Twitter, to make fun of the developer.

For Craig Wright, these are gratuitous attacks. He then sued for defamation. Hodlonaut has received a lot of support from the crypto community. A website called DefendingBTC links to a donations page that says nearly 2,700 people have donated over 71 bitcoins and $74,000 to pay for bitcoiner defense costs.

Faced with the proportion that the case was taking, Changpeng Zhao, the boss of Binance, tweeted that Craig Wright is not the founder of Bitcoin. Some on Twitter claim that he was involved in donations for the defense of Hodlonaut, but there is no proof of this.

A verdict applauded by the crypto community!

At the end of the last hearing, the Norwegian court ruled in favor of Hodlonaut. The magistrates indicated that the words of the influencer were in no way defamation. ” I won. Welcome to Law », tweeted Hodlonaut at the end of the hearing. For information, it was Wright who tweeted: “welcome to law” after filing the lawsuit.

“I expected to win, since the truth is so clearly on my side in this matter. I am very happy that the judge saw things the same way”the crypto influencer continued.

On Twitter, reactions multiplied throughout the evening of Thursday to congratulate Hodlonaut.

Andrew Rossow, an assistant law professor and attorney familiar with the Holdonaut case, told Decrypt by email that Thursday’s decision was ” without surprise “. And to add: “Wright’s claims were of such a bold and controversial nature, that they would almost inevitably lead to pushback and disagreement”.

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