Novogratz claims now is the time to buy crypto

Despite the bear market, more and more crypto industry players believe in the relevance of the market. For someone like Mike Novogratz, now might be the time for investors to think about acquiring cryptos.

Mike Novogratz urges investors to buy bitcoin first

From BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF request to Ripple’s victory, several events have positively shaken the crypto industry recently. This, despite the fact that the bear market continues to dictate its law.

But these recent events are, for many analysts, a sign that the crypto market remains dynamic all the same. This means that its medium and long-term prospects are positive.

As a result, some experts believe that now is potentially the time to consider buying crypto. This is particularly the opinion expressed by Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, in a recent interview.

Without providing specific investment advice, the boss indicated the strategy he would adopt, given the current crypto context. Its policy would be to acquire a number of assets at the forefront of which obviously comes bitcoin (BTC).

Mike Novogratz’s argument about the momentum BTC has shown since the start of the year. A marked vitality which, according to its analyses, should strengthen with the increase in interest payments in the United States.

This is data backed by market analyst Joe Consorti. The latter is counting on an increase in these interests. They would soon reach $1,000 billion against $970 billion at the end of the second quarter.

Based on this information, Mike Novogratz decides. “Buy bitcoin (BTC)! », did he declare. It says the same about other assets like ethereum (ETH), gold, and Alibaba Group stocks.

Aimed at conservative investors with at least $100,000 in assets, the manager recommends injecting 30% into these assets. And the remaining 70% in bond and index funds.

For more risk-tolerant investors, he suggests portfolio diversification to incorporate each of his assets. Mike Novogratz’s recommendations are indicative of his confidence in the prospects of the crypto market.

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