Nasdaq drop: Impossible!!  -67%?

Big scare on the markets, the charts of Tradingview show an abnormally low price of the Nasdaq. Tradingview bug or fall of the Nasdaq, investors are on the alert and do not know what to think.

Historic fall of the Nasdaq?

The dark period of cryptocurrencies worries investors more and more, and they are on alert. While the bitcoin price maintains its volatility, all eyes are currently on the Nasdaq. Indeed, the Crypto Revolution account has announcement on Twitter that the Nasdaq chart shows a pre-open at $60.

So bug or not? Users continue to wonder. In view of the crazy period that the world economy is going through at the moment, nothing is to be taken lightly. However, some accounts confirm that it is indeed a tradingview bug.

Indeed, another Twitter account revealed that this is indeed a problem since the data indicates -67%. But the chart meanwhile displays the actual price. However, the stock market is going through a less pleasant period at the moment and companies are facing many difficulties.

In this context, one would believe that the current data may be true. Inflation is raging and the global economy is not looking good. Recall that in June 2022, the Nasdaq fell 30% on the New York Stock Exchange.

  the Crypto Revolution account announced on Twitter that the Nasdaq chart shows a pre-open at $60.
Nasdaq drop Tradingview bug

The manifest action of inflation on the American stock markets

Since the start of inflation, the global economy has taken quite a hit and the stock markets have not escaped it. Indeed, many companies have succumbed to the dark period and some have found themselves in difficulty. Thus, we witnessed the fall of the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. The main stock market indices were no match for the hecatomb.

Nevertheless, the initiatives of the US government seem to be working since inflation is gradually receding. This moderation has a positive effect on the indices. Indeed, two months ago, no one expected to see green oscillators on these. However, this happened in early August and the Nasdaq started a bullish move.

However, the Tradingview bug could mislead many investors. Currently, the Nasdaq 100 is trading at $12,504, not $60 as displayed on the chart.

It could be that there is currently a bug on Tradingview and the Nasdaq index chart is showing an error. However, investors are all skeptical and wondering. Although the markets have recovered slightly with the decline in inflation, the decline is again being felt. Indeed, the Nasdaq’s fall could very well continue given the tough times the global economy is experiencing at the moment.

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