SushiSwap and Grey's solution to strengthen its cash flow

As a decentralized exchange, SushiSwap’s treasury is in serious trouble. Jared Grey, who is the developer of this protocol, is trying to offer a solution to overcome this delicate financial situation. What are the different views on this?

What is Grey’s proposal to support SushiSwap cash?

On the platform, investors who place SUSHI tokens in stacking obtain xSUSHI. These cryptos offer them revenue sharing rights related to transaction fees. In other words, these receive around 0.05% of the transaction fees, while 10% goes to the cash of the DeFi Sushi protocol.

According to Grey, the bear market requires SushiSwap to be able to rethink its revenue sharing model for at least a year. This could make it possible to avoid facing a future liquidity crisis. It is important to note that this deficit seriously threatens the future of Sushi.

As a solution for the sustainability of the DeFi Sushi protocol, the promoter proposes that 100% of the platform’s revenues be paid back to the treasury for the next 12 months. It is in this wake that it is possible to speak of the Kanpai proposal.

The questioning of the DAO

Jared Grey’s proposal was voted on by all platform users. 58% of people supported the promoter’s proposal. Which did not please all holders at all, because some would not win anything with this new kanpai formula.

Indeed, by observing this proposal for a vote closely, it is clear that certain inequalities could occur. Those who hold more tokens than the others will have a greater voting power than the others.

Given the multiple reluctance of users, it is urgent to ask questions about the future of DeFi Protocol SushiSwap. It is important to ask how he will behave in the future and what are the consequences of Jared’s proposal Grey.

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