Crypto: What if we had found the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

John McAfee, who died in June 2021, was an American computer scientist. He invented McAfee antivirus software in 1987, then founded McAfee Associates. Recently, TikTok influencer Harry the Soul Coach said that John McAfee is Satoshi Nakamoto. This statement appears to be the least outlandish suggestion about the identity of the creator of bitcoin (BTC). But, is it verified?

A claim that conspiracy theorists might endorse

Harry the Soul Coach said on the TikTok platform: “John McAfee is the creator of Bitcoin. If we go back and look at his past, he created McAfee internet security software in 1987“. He implied that John McAfee had secret access to user data thanks to his invention. He also suggested that John allegedly invented bitcoin (BTC) to spy on criminals. He added that the American computer scientist is still alive.

I have to say that John McAfee has demonstrated, time and time again, that he has mastered the blockchain. 2 years ago, he made several interesting statements about this technology, during an interview with Delphi Media. “Blockchain is the first technology that did not come from the bowels of the government or some black army program. It is not from IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung or any other companyJohn explained.

The computer scientist had added that the blockchain is completely open source and accessible to everyone. “This is a watershed moment in the evolution of the human spirit. The first application of blockchain was crypto. And the first application of crypto was bitcoin, which far exceeded its life expectancy. But there is no confidentiality. You cannot put smart contracts on this blockchain“, he had underlined.

Finally, there is no evidence that John McAfee is Satoshi Nakamoto or that he is still alive. However, we note that the creator of the first commercial antivirus software preferred crypto Monero (XMR) to bitcoin (BTC). He also said during his interview that the Bitcoin network is “old, bulky, slow and expensive“.

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