Surviving in the Red: How the Crypto Jobs Market is Defying the Downturn

What is the general state of the job market in the current crypto industry? The question is not lacking in relevance in the current context of the crypto industry. Indeed, even if we can think that there was not really a bear market, the performance of cryptos is generally in the red. Despite a particularly dynamic crypto industry, these assets have almost all lost ground since the start of the year. A trend that does not even spare bitcoin which seemed to stand out from the crowd until now. This, by achieving two unexpected surges in recent months. Obviously, when the valuation of cryptos collapses for various reasons, this has financial repercussions on crypto firms. The latter then have, in these circumstances, the unfortunate propensity to limit their numbers. Over the past few months, we have seen a number of crypto companies part ways with several of their employees. The situation of the crypto job market in light of these elements is therefore eminently interesting. Because there is a close link between the crypto bear market and the dynamics of the job market. It is this report and its implications that we will analyze in the following lines.

Is the crypto market still attractive for (future) employees?

As mentioned from the outset, several crypto firms have reduced their need for staff to the bare essentials. This trend is dictated by a succession of events which have impacted their operational performance. Among this wave of incidents, there is first the fall of crypto companies like Terraform Labs and FTX. Before their spectacular falls, they were two major firms in the crypto industry.

Then, we noted an increase in the number of lawsuits involving crypto companies. A situation made worse by the increase in acts of hacking affecting Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 platforms. The economic recession experienced by several states around the world has not helped matters for the global crypto industry. What followed was a widespread wave of layoffs affecting several thousand people around the world. These workforce reductions therefore do not only concern the job market in the crypto industry.

But in this context, any individual with a minimum interest in this dynamic sector asks themselves a question. That of knowing whether the crypto ecosystem is still worth investing your capabilities and expertise in. In absolute terms, the answer to this question is yes. Indeed, despite adversity, individuals invest every day in building remarkable crypto businesses. This, while making a point of bringing innovation.

Thus, the observation that emerges is that these numerous challenges do not prevent the crypto industry from maintaining itself. A remarkable resilience which is reflected in promising growth trends in recruitment. Particularly in the Web 3.0 sector. The figures covering the period 2022 to today speak for themselves.

MoneyRadar statistics on the state of the crypto job market in 2022

Promising growth data

To see this, you have to look at the number of developer job requests sent over the period. This data constitutes a relevant indicator for assessing interest and the balance between supply and demand for technical positions within the industry. Likewise, the volume of developer positions posted indicates recruitment needs, especially in the midst of a bear market.

These elements show that during the first half of 2022, the trend remained relatively stable. Over this period, an average of around 4,000 monthly job requests were expressed.

The pace slowed slightly in August and September 2022. This, in a context of the price of bitcoin falling below the $25,000 mark. But requests from developers have seen a notable increase since October 2022. They peak at 6,826 in May 2023.

Overall, we observe increased dynamism in the job market in the crypto industry. Analysis of job offers for Web 3.0 developers confirms this idea. Since December 2022, the volume of newly listed job offers has remained constant, hovering around 70 positions per month. This figure more than doubled to 151 positions in the first week of June 2023.

The attractiveness of the job market linked to cryptos is not in question. Especially when you know that a field like crypto marketing sees around 2,760 job applications every month.

Crypto job market: between changes and opportunities

The job market in the crypto industry is keeping pace with the evolution of this sector. This is explained by the fact that companies focus on creating exceptional products by nurturing active communities. In fact, we are seeing the emergence of new functions reflecting the ongoing changes in the crypto ecosystem.

This trend gives rise to some rather unusual jobs. We see this for example in the field of crypto marketing with the appearance of the profession of chief meme officer. The latter’s core business is to exploit internet culture to implement marketing strategies around memes. The objective is to increase the visibility of Web 3.0 projects to connect with users.

Furthermore, the demand for technical profiles remains high. For example, Web 3.0 security experts are particularly sought after. A craze that reflects the importance of secure operations in the crypto landscape. This interest is not only the prerogative of technical profiles essential for the development of blockchain and smart contracts. It also concerns skills considered non-technical. Those related to law, automation or user interface design are particularly gaining in importance.

Experts believe that the demand for technical and non-technical roles is expected to continue to grow. This prospect is expected to materialize as the market stabilizes, driven by increased adoption of blockchain technology.


The job market in the cryptocurrency field is constantly evolving. This trend is a reflection of the flexibility and adaptability of this industry. This encourages the emergence of innovative functions highlighting the diversity of skills necessary for the vitality of the sector. In this context, the future of the crypto job market looks promising. The growing demand for professionals with varied skills within a dynamic and expanding community confirms this projection.

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