X (Twitter) wins a crypto license in the United States!

Elon Musk, whose image holding a child next to Turkish President Erdogan went around the world, must have put pressure on the X team lately. Linda Yaccarino’s recent announcement on possible integration of payment functionality on the all-in-one platform says a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes. Zoom !

In short

  • The new CEO of X (Twitter), Linda Yaccarino, has confirmed that the everything app will include payment services soon.
  • A few days ago, Elon Musk mentioned the thesis of a paid X platform.
  • Until now, no official announcement regarding the integration of crypto into X has been made

No crypto X… but soon payments

For those who continued to believe in a possible crypto issuance by X, Elon Musk did not beat around the bush in early September. He replied no, there will be no native crypto for X. For further details, read this article.

But in order not to disappoint them, and to quench the thirst for success of the boss of Tesla and SpaceX since the acquisition of Twitter in October 2022, the X platform will integrate plenty of features. Among them, payment services.

A payment feature soon on X (Twitter)

The CEO of X announces the upcoming integration of payment on the platform, will DOGE receive a share? »

According to QuincepeX promises a personalized experience to users, whether they like cryptocurrencies (like Dogecoin, bitcoin or Shiba Inu) or not. To achieve this, the team of pro-DOGE Musk and Yaccarino is accelerating in the reorganization of everything app.

During a meeting with the barons of the NFL and Integral Ad Science, Linda Yaccarino, current CEO of X, posted this tweet.

Linda Yaccarino gives insight into the future of X

A preview of what’s going to happen. Who’s leaving ? »

Translation of the associated tweet:

Today we hosted an incredible group of leaders for X in a packed room where the energy was palpable. We presented our evolution towards the everything app – product roadmaps, content partnerships, and our critical work on security. Thank you to all participants and to our NFL partners Brian Rollap of Integral Ad Science, Lisa Utzchneider, and Craig Ziegler for sharing their insight and expertise. The future of X is certainly bright. »

In this 2 minute video, crypto was not discussed. Unfortunately ! However, it gives a glimpse of what the X team is concocting at the moment, Musk’s priorities.

X, a paid and crypto-friendly platform?

In the near future, users of Twitter, recently renamed X, will be able to:

  • share information;
  • participate in community discussions;
  • call their acquaintances;
  • make online purchases;
  • transfer money (and why not crypto) instantly;
  • make money as an active member of the Meta creator community;
  • etc.

Except that all this could become inaccessible without monthly subscription payment shortly. That of Twitter Blue, set at 20 dollars per month, caused a lot of dissatisfaction among Twitter users and the crypto community at the time. Elon Musk addressed this possibility during a recent meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

We are heading towards a monthly payment for using the system “, said Musk.

According to James Clayton, journalist at BBCeither the DogeFather simply made a spontaneous comment, or he gave an overview of a plan that X will soon execute. This project is said to be called “ XPremium “.

With the arrival of X Premium, users will be able to enjoy several advantages such as :

  • longer messages;
  • good visibility on the X platform;
  • etc.

Crypto community, don’t be disappointed, he does not intend to permanently delete the basic version of X (Twitter). One that does not require any payment from users.

In addition, the fact that the State of Rhode Island has granted a crypto license to X notably authorizes the deployment of various services. Among other things we will cite the storage, transfer and exchange of cryptocurrencies, as well as the control of cryptoassets.

What is certain: Elon Musk, who planned to take DOGE on a lunar trip next November, chose this alternative to win his war against bots.

You are probably aware that Elon Musk has already postponed the purchase of Twitter until April 2022 because of a proliferation of bots on this social network. And yet, the Telegram bot, Greed, grants more possibilities to trade bitcoin on the instant messaging platform.

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