Crypto: Galaxy Digital joins Ripple to revolutionize Europe

The tide is turning for the European crypto sector, and the recent union between Galaxy Digital and Ripple Labs is clear proof of this. This bold partnership transforms Europe into a new promised land for crypto innovation. Let’s embark on the analysis of this alliance which could well redefine the rules of the game on the Old Continent.

Strategic Flight: When Europe becomes the haven of Crypto-Companies

Faced with increased pressure from American regulators on the crypto sector, companies are forced to react. They are thus turning to new countries, more welcoming in terms of regulations.

Galaxy Digital, under the leadership of Mike Novogratz, is no exception to this rule. The group recently expanded its European operations, hiring Leon Marshall, a former Genesis executive, to guide their expansion. The objective? The aim is to take advantage of more flexible European regulations, particularly those offered by the MiCA legislation. This strategy would expand both their range of offerings and their customer base.

This geographical choice is not trivial. Europe, with its advanced legislation, offers fertile ground for crypto companies looking to move away from American regulatory influence. In other words, Europe is becoming the new El Dorado, a secure haven where crypto can flourish without fearing the yoke of regulators.

The arrival of Leon Marshall as head of Galaxy Digital’s European operations coincides with a strategic alliance with DWS, a renowned asset manager. Their joint project offers a range of ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) focused on crypto-assets. This step adds another stone to the building of their expansion, consolidating their hold on the European market.

Europe, new front of the revolution

Galaxy Digital thus joins the ranks of other crypto giants such as Ripple Labs, already established in the European market. According to Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, the lack of regulatory clarity in the United States has guided their choice towards more welcoming regions such as Europe, but also Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

This synergy between Galaxy Digital and Ripple goes beyond simple geographic expansion. It highlights a common desire to push the boundaries of what is possible in the crypto sector. With their complementarities, the two companies are poised to redefine standards, both in terms of products and services, for institutional investors and the general public.

Europe is more than ever at the heart of this revolution, shaping a new normal for the crypto market. The MiCA legislation currently being developed by the European Union provides the ideal framework for these bold companies. It gives them the green light to innovate while guaranteeing a certain security for investors.

At a time when the American market is imposing ever-increasing constraints, Europe is asserting itself as the new battlefield for crypto. The alliance between Galaxy Digital and Ripple is not simply a business transaction. This is a major strategic move, heralding a future rich in innovations and opportunities.

One question remains, however: will this European crypto revolution be enough to transform the global financial landscape? Nigeria faces everything and still moves forward, crushing France and leaving El Salvador in the dust.

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