Soon an outperformance of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin?

Many analysts have predicted a rise or fall for the crypto industry in recent weeks. In particular, we had predictions from Kaleo and Raoul Pal, who were both bullish. Now, check out famed strategist Mike McGlone’s prediction for bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).

A positive adoption rate for ether (ETH)

On December 17, Raoul Pal predicted a sharp rise for BTC and ETH from 2023. 3 days later, a Bloomberg analyst also made predictions on the two biggest cryptos. But this time he spoke of a outperformance of ether (ETH) compared to bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, analyst Mike McGlone said in a tweet that he expects this despite the pressure on the market.

Bitcoin crosses series; ether could be the best candidate to continue to outperform the first born of cryptos. Ethereum’s Advances Against Bitcoin Unshaken by 2022 Deflation in Most Risky Assets and May Gain Underpinnings ”, explained McGlone.

What does McGlone say?

For the crypto analyst, Ethereum’s performance against Bitcoin is increasing despite the tumultuous situation in the crypto market. It suggests that there is a remarkable uptrend in the ETH/BTC market. According to him, this situation is due to the fact that the adoption of ETH has become more widespread.

A“hot period”for flagship crypto

Mike McGlone expects bitcoin (BTC) to cross “a hot period“. According to him, the latter should soon outperform the stock market in terms of market capitalization. However, the Bloomberg strategist suggests there is a compelling reason to achieve this result. This is for the Fed to reverse its belligerent policy.

The world’s go-to digital asset took a beating in 2022 along with most others, but bitcoin looks set to resume its propensity to outperformwhen the Fed pivots to easingsaid McGlone.

According to McGlonebitcoin might soon to outperform Tesla (TSLA)which is considered an innovative technological action. The analyst explained:La crypto seems to be taking over Tesla. The virtual certainty of the decline in the supply of BTC vs. Rise in Tesla Shares Outstanding Promotes Crypto Outperformance, If Economics Rules Apply“.

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