Smartphone Saga by Solana, a total fiasco?  Anatoly Yakovenko arms himself with hope and… a rescue plan

Saga of Solana greatly disappoints its promoters. In fact, this smartphone is struggling to sell on the market. Since its launch last April, there have only been 2,200 takers. Anatoly Yakovenko has a plan to save the day. Details !

Solutions to sell more Saga smartphones

The Solana team was in total euphoria during the launch of the Saga smartphone on April 13. This mobile phone, described as a cryptofirst and secure device, should notably help its users to better engage with Web3.

Except that there is a downside: offered at $1,000 per unit, the Solana Saga is snubbed by buyers.

Antoly Yakovenko’s opinion on the failure of Solana’s Saga smartphone

Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs, told Unchained that the Solana Saga phone has only sold 2,200 units and that larger sales, in the range of 25,000 to 50,000 units, are needed, to build a user base. He added that discussions are underway within the company and there is a possibility of launching new models, improved applications, discounts in stores, etc. »

Far from equaling the record of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, 26.5 million units sold in the first half of 2023for a price of around 1,200 euros, Solana’s Saga smartphone has not found any takers. Only 2,200 people bought it. However, it takes much more to be able to build a community of users.

Yakovenko speaks of 25,000 users, or even 50,000, to be able to build a dynamism worthy of Solana around the Saga phone.

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For the founder of Solana (SOL), it’s time to review a few points regarding this smartphone:

  • new models;
  • new applications;
  • Promotional offers ;
  • etc.

It’s strange that he didn’t address this vulnerability story, recently reported by Certik, which would allow easy theft of cryptocurrency via the Solana Saga.

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