Binance, the comeback: A giga airdrop of $500,000 and compensation

Attach your belt ! Because Binance is preparing to distribute $500,000 in cryptocurrencies to around 1 million users. And at the same time, the world’s first crypto exchange also announced a compensation plan for traders in AEUR, a stablecoin victim of a depeg to the euro. Details !

Binance prepares $500,000 crypto drop

After having undergone heavy losses in the face of attack by the US Treasury Department and the Department of Justice (DOJ), including $4.3 billion in fines, Binance is now looking to the future. Thus, the company, deprived of its former CEO, CZ, engages in seduction operations to retain its users.

Prepare for the Binance airdrop: $500,000 is on the line.

Airdrop time has come

We will distribute $500k in crypto, ranging from 1$SHIB to 1BTC.

Even better, all you have to do is swap using your Binance Web3 Wallet to qualify. »

In a recent publication, Crypto Potato took up this official communication from Binance published on X (former Twitter). According to this crypto media, the airdrop provides for the distribution of approximately $500,000 in cryptocurrencies to around a million users. The assets in question can range from one SHIB to one BTC, or $44,000.

Between now and December 31, users will therefore have an interest in closely following this offer in order to see their wallets rewarded with cryptocurrency gifts. This will be done two weeks after the announced date.

It should be noted that Binance requires the use of the recently announced new wallet, the Binance Web3 Wallet, to be able to benefit from this airdrop. Regarding this wallet, please note that it is a secure system favorable to the self-ownership of cryptocurrencies and the exchange of thousands of assets on more than 30 networks. The user also has the choice of fast fund transfers, exploration of dApps and other no less important advantages thanks to this wallet.

The company issuing the BNB token also mentioned the names of its partners in its tweet. Among others we will cite Maverick Protocol, GMX, Gala Games, Kava, Chiliz, Alchemy Pay and Ludo Finance.

Catch-up session with Anchored Coins EUR (AEUR)

AEUR, a euro-backed stablecoin that Binance had just listed on its platform, experienced a surge in price when it was introduced on the spot market. Instead of trading at $1.07, this asset had a price of $3.25 per coin last Tuesday. A situation that has confused several cryptocurrency traders.

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To make up for it, Binance offers a compensation plan within three days. However, conditions must be respected to be granted reimbursements, such as the retention of AEUR assets.

Quincepe also pointed out that Binance resolved this AEUR de-peg problem quickly. The cryptocurrency exchange had to suspend several pairs associated with this stablecoin (AEUR/USDT, BEC/AEUR, ETH/AEUR and EUR/AEUR) during the operation.

The team of Richard Teng, new CEO of Binance, must work hard at the moment to restore the company’s image.

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