Ripple reports increased enthusiasm for crypto payments

Crypto firm Ripple is awaiting judgment in its case with the SEC. In the meantime, she has conducted some investigations into the relevance of the crypto industry, especially the payments segment. The results confirm recent dynamics.

Crypto payments are gaining popularity

Interest in cryptos seems to be significantly gaining ground among the population. This is revealed by a Ripple survey, covering the payments segment, conducted with the US Faster Payments Council.

The investigation involved, in particular, 300 representatives of the payments ecosystem. They spoke about the benefits and challenges of the blockchain in terms of payment. The survey results confirm recent trends related to crypto adoption. Namely that the latter is advancing by leaps and bounds.

According to survey data, this dynamic would be the consequence of the opening of this segment to the general public. A fact linked to the rise of applications promoting the use of cryptos and therefore of the blockchain. Thus, the number of people and companies interested in crypto payments would tend to increase.

This trend is not trivial. Indeed, this growing interest would be the effect of the efforts made by the companies to reduce the costs of international payments. This is the opinion of 32% of those questioned on this subject. Among the latter, 19% mention the low transaction fees charged for local payments.

If these advantages continue, more than 50% of respondents envisage anchoring crypto payments in the economy. Thus they think of the multiplication within 1 to 3 years, of the tradesmen having systematically recourse to those.

More broadly, the survey shows the role that blockchain and cryptos will play in the near future. This, through improving the speed of transactions, for example. This is the opinion of 97% of participants.

There remains an embarrassing point that makes the materialization of these hypothetical aspirations: crypto regulation. If elsewhere, like in Europe, things have changed in recent days, in the country of Uncle Sam, it is the status quo. In the current state of things, the United States is a land not conducive to the development of crypto firms. Some companies like Coinbase have already mentioned relocation intentions, if things do not go in the right direction.

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