Outage on Ethereum: fixes released for Prysm and Teku software clients

The Ethereum blockchain suffered an unusual technical outage last Thursday and Friday. So far, no information has filtered on the causes of the incident. The platform’s developers have released an update regarding its Prysm and Teku clients.

Fixes only for Prysm and Teku software clients

The outage that recently affected the Ethereum blockchain is still under investigation. But platform developers have released patches, Saturday, May 13. These aim to overcome the dysfunction linked to the finalization of blocks by the network.

According to the company, these patches particularly target Prysm and Teku, blockchain software clients. The changes implemented allow Prysm and Teku to update their systems. They should therefore continue their operations. If these measures specifically concern only these blockchain customers, it is for a simple reason. Not all Ethereum customers are affected by this malfunction.

“This was possible due to the diversity of customers, as not all customer implementations were affected by this exceptional scenario. After all the customers caught up, the network was finalized again,” said the Ethereum Foundation in a blog post.

It must be said that so far, the vagueness remains on the root causes of this unexpected incident. Ethereum nevertheless released some snippets of information on this subject. “This appears to have been caused by high load on some of the consensus layer clients, which in turn was caused by an exceptional scenario,” said the platform quite evasively.

“We can start to put this loss of finality issue behind us. It is a step on the path to diversity and decentralization. Let’s learn from this and move forward with more determination,” meanwhile added the Superphiz.eth tweet.

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