Bitcoin (BTC) could strengthen the US economy

Over the years, bitcoin (BTC) has proven its usefulness in strengthening the economic system of countries. But, governments are still hesitant to adopt the flagship cryptocurrency, because for them, it is above all a threat. That said, a macroeconomist recently explained how bitcoin (BTC) could be the source of an economic boom.

Bitcoin (BTC) is not a threat to the United States

According to macroeconomist Luke Gromen, bitcoin (BTC) is not a threat to the United States. On the contrary, cryptocurrency could make the country more competitive, especially against China and Russia. The adoption of bitcoin (BTC) in the United States could help create a “economic boom“. According to the macroeconomist, this is an option not to be overlooked, especially if the global competitors of the United States opt for the accumulation of gold.

Gromen said:Bitcoin may be a sovereign asset of the United States, it really could be a huge positive asset for the United States. […] I think at the end of the day, the powers associated with the financial side of the United States absolutely see him as a threat. It doesn’t have to be. It depends on how we could use it.“.

He added that it is enough for the United States to declare:All right, Russia and China, you want to store gold, we’ll settle the exchanges in bitcoins.“. We will then attend an explosion in the bond market, which will lead to an economic boom. At the same time, Gromen admitted that bitcoin (BTC) threatens the dollar with its growth. However, the macroeconomist believes that cryptocurrency could not succeed in replacing the dollar.

Macroeconomist Luke Gromen suggested that bitcoin (BTC) would be a great boon to the US economy. His suggestion comes as the US government works to establish a cryptocurrency regulatory system.

Source : finbold

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