Orange Pill: What is this orange pill?

Let us return first to the allegories of the blue pill and the red pill. In the movie Matrix (1999), Morpheus offers Neo the choice between a blue pill or a red one. To take the blue pill is to stay in the womb and in your normal (slave) life. To take the red pill is to open your eyes to an almost frightening reality. In this binary choice, the orange pill, bitcoin (BTC), offers an alternative. Orange is the color of bitcoin. You will see in this article that neologisms are quite easy to understand: we can indeed ” deep orange[l]er ” somebody (to orange pill someone), even if this term is probably not yet in the Petit Robert or the Larousse.

Orange color

Even though American prisoners have orange coveralls, marketing still associates this color with positive things. The color orange is communication and creativity. It is a warm color that blows a wind of good humor and dynamism. It also symbolizes open-mindedness and learning. To take an orange bitcoin (BTC) pill is to learn. ” Orange pile[l]er someone is to make him understand. But understand what?

Offering an orange pill: Explaining bitcoin (BTC)

Almost everyone who has wanted to give an orange pill to a loved one has experienced the same thing: fear of adverse effects. In other words, trying to convince someone of the importance of bitcoin is a difficult, very difficult task. We come up against incomprehension, fear, rejection. Yet we know that bitcoin will be essential. I myself would have been delighted to have been deep orange[l]ee a few years ago when bitcoin was worth 800 euros. I was probably not ready. I picked the wrong pill and then I learned. So, you want to pass on this enthusiasm linked to the world of bitcoin to your loved ones, but how do you get them to “get out of the matrix”? How to make them understand the inflation and the toxicity of FIATs? How to make them gently and benevolently swallow the orange pill?

Orange Pill Lucho Poletti
Magnificent work of Lucho Poletti with his kind permission. The bitcoin universe is also an artistic universe.

Reasons for rejection

The main reason for this rejection is ignorance of the functioning of FIAT currencies and inflation. Another reason is the fear propagated by the media: complexity of use, money laundering, terrorism, piracy, Ponzi, sudden price drops and rises… Forget all that. You don’t need to be a computer expert to use bitcoin. The bitcoin universe will not turn you into a criminal either.

Why do states leave their people in the dark? (Except El Salvador). It’s simple: States like to leave the gap between the very rich and the others. We saw it during confinement, the very rich continued to earn billions. While the others, dependent on their work to survive, are more “docile”. The “rebels” lost their means of subsistence, they were “suspended”. This is why bitcoin (BTC) represents the freedom of citizens, because it does not depend on any financial institution or state.

Inflation Orange pill
It always takes more FIAT (euros, dollars…) to buy goods, but always less bitcoins.

Understanding Inflation

Part of the rejection of bitcoin comes from people not understanding inflation. They are only beginning to understand that it will take more FIAT (euros, Swiss francs, dollars…) to buy the same thing as yesterday. Wages have long since fallen short of inflation, and people who cannot borrow to buy durable goods are getting poorer. Saving FIATs is useless. Bitcoin offers the opposite: it always takes less to buy the same thing.

Orange Pill Real Estate Inflation

Example of real estate:

Housing indicates an average price in France of €2,380/m2 in 2010. In 2010, the bitcoin was worth 8 cts. The price per m2 was therefore 2975 BTC/m2.

In 2020, the price per m2 was 2807 euros. The price of bitcoin at the beginning of the year was 6000 euros. That is 0.47 BTC/m2.

The money printing effect: FIATs enrich the richest

FIAT currencies are debt-based, and produced at will. The more there are, the less they are valuable. Bitcoin is limited to 21 million. The rarer it becomes, the more its value increases. Despite ups and downs, it has only grown since its birth in 2009.

We only lend to the rich

Fiat currency (FIAT) is created through loans. The more loans there are, the more the money supply increases. Artificially low interest rates mainly benefit the rich. This is called the Cantillon effect.

  • Banks lend easily to wealthy people who can invest in durable goods: real estate, stocks, works of art, etc.
  • A less fortunate or poor person finds it difficult to borrow or, even worse, borrows for perishable goods (consumer credit, revolving credit). This system accentuates social inequalities. It rewards wise borrowers and punishes savers. Do not hesitate to follow the videos ofAnice Lajnefa former trader, who explains this phenomenon very well.

This system is at the end of its tether: now even (young) people with a very comfortable salary find it difficult to find accommodation. What about people on minimum wage? Real estate having reached new heights, credit and rental files no longer pass. However, housing is essential.

Bitcoin: A fair, secure and inexpensive currency to transfer

No government or bank controls bitcoin. It is for this reason that banks sometimes refuse their customers to buy bitcoins. That’s why governments try to ban bitcoins. FIAT money transfers are controlled and sometimes expensive. This is not the case with bitcoin (thanks to the Lightning Network). The digital currencies that states are currently concocting (CBDC) have nothing to do with bitcoin: they are only control tools.

Easy to store, secure and send around the world, bitcoin is a convenient and decentralized currency. You can send 10 cents or a million to anyone, anywhere, at any time at virtually no cost.

Why bitcoin is digital gold?

Bitcoin will inevitably become the global reserve asset. Why go to so much trouble to ban it? Terrorism, trafficking and money laundering existed long before bitcoin. It is only a drop in the current ocean of financial transactions. It is not the source of the misuse that some may make of it, but it is the key to autonomy in the face of banks and all-powerful states. If you are not a compliant citizen, one click and you will no longer have access to your accounts. And this is not science fiction.

orange pill inflation
Photo: Unsplash/@1mx

Ready to see life in orange?

Now that a real friend made you read this article, are you still hesitating? Despite everything you know about the power of banks and governments over your money, you still don’t see the point of having bitcoins (BTC)? If you need some concrete examples, you can read this article or even this one. The latter gives you the example of an investor who has invested patiently for years (which is called DCA), as we did before on classic savings books. You too can start with a few tens of euros each month. To give you an idea, use the simulator of StakingSat.

Fall down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland

To fall into the bitcoin rabbit hole is to step out of your comfort zone. To discover bitcoin is to discover a currency that does not lose its value over time. It is to escape the hell of inflation. It is to discover an extraordinary technology. No longer be infantilized by banks to which one comes to beg for a loan or to negotiate its agios. No longer being infantilized by governments that impose sometimes absurd measures on us.

An excellent site to understand and train you: discoverbitcoin.

Bitcoin will become as ubiquitous in the future as the internet is in our lives today. Some have already taken the orange pill to see how far the rabbit hole goes. Others are still trapped in fiat currency and don’t even know it. And you? The choice is just an illusion to separate those who have power from those who don’t. » : this quote is from Matrix. At least you have the choice of testing the orange pill.

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