NFT: Total success for Anthony Hopkins' collection

Actor Anthony Hopkins began making paintings in the late 1940s. In 2015, the independent art gallery Harte International Galleries, located in Hawaii, hosted his very first exhibition. Hopkins then had several exhibitions in cities such as Las Vegas, New York and Edinburgh. The actor mainly offered semi-abstract portraits and landscapes. In recent years, he has been very interested in the cryptocurrency sector. Just recently, the Oscar-winning actor launched his first NFT collection. Find out how the sale of the latter on OpenSea was a real success.

Thousands of works sold in less than 7 minutes

The sale of Anthony Hopkins’ first NFT collection recently took place on the OpenSea Marketplace. According to a publication on Twitter of the company Web3 and NFT Orange Comet, the sale was a real success. Indeed, the actor’s NFT collection sold out in less than 7 minutes: this is a record. It should be noted that his works are inspired by the long and famous career of the actor in Hollywood.

7 minutes! That’s how long it took to sell out the legendary Hollywood actor’s collection.

This NFT collection titled “The Eternal Collection” is composed of over 1,000 original works of art. There are NFTs commemorating Hopkins’ performances in films like The Silence of the Lambs. OpenSea said of the collection: “Legend Anthony Hopkins created The Eternal Collection with Orange Comet, a series inspired by the character archetypes he embodied throughout his incomparable film career“.

Several advantages offered to buyers of these NFTs

By purchasing works from Anthony Hopkins’ NFT collection, users will be able to enjoy many tangible benefits. In particular, they will be able have a one-on-one brunch with Hopkins. They will have the possibility of obtaining a dedication of their work of art. Additionally, they will have access to audio clips from the actor on the meaning of the different archetypes.

It should be noted that this is not Anthony Hopkins’ first interaction with the world of NFTs. Indeed, he was the main actor of a thriller film of 2021 which was released on the NFT Vuele platform. The film was directed by Rick Dugdale and its title is Zero Contact.

Admittedly, the launch of The Eternal Collection by famous actor Anthony Hopkins was delayed by several minutes due to some technical issues. But, the sale of the NFT collection, on the OpenSea marketplace, was finally a total success.

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