NFT: OpenSea subject to legal proceedings

After a subpoena for a case of electronic fraud, OpenSea finds itself at the center of a new case. This time the plaintiff is Robbie Acres, an NFT collector victim of a phishing fraud. He is currently filing a lawsuit against OpenSea. The reasons given: lack of responsiveness and account lockout.

OpenSea under legal action brought by an NFT collector

OpenSea NFT accused of negligence!

The story begins on July 12, 2022 at 1:28 p.m. when Robbie Acres is the victim of a fraud. Unbeknownst to him, two transfers were made to his account: the first from the Hape Prime collection and the other from Karafufu.

Acres immediately contacted OpenSea. The objects of his request: the return of his assets and the locking of the scammer’s account. But less than an hour later, he finds that the assets have been resold by the scammer.

Today, Robbie Acres is suing OpenSea NFT for two reasons:

  • He did not take into account his report
  • He failed to take the necessary measures to prevent the resale of the stolen assets.

According to him, OpenSea had ample time to prevent resale. But he did not do it.

Too aggressive responses, says Robbie Acres

YES ! OpenSea apologized for its late response. However, he said there was nothing he could do to return the funds. Worse still, he decides to lock Robbie Acres’ account. For the latter, it is an illegal operation carried out without his consent. According to the explanations of his lawyer, Acres must provide a statement to OpenSea to unblock the account. He will also have to withdraw his initial report.

As an active investor, Robbie Acres finds himself facing significant financial losses. This is the reason why he demands compensation from OpenSea.

Willing to do anything to safeguard his interests, NFT collector Robbie Acres works with the legal team at Traverse Legal. He is represented by the very founder of the firm, Maître Enrico Schaefer. The latter knows the NFT market well and intends to do everything possible to win against OpenSea. To be continued…

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