MicroStrategy: Lightning Solutions for Business

Through its Executive Chairman (former CEO) Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy is undeniably one of those companies heavily invested in cryptocurrency. With a particular fondness for bitcoin, Michael Saylor recently stepped down as CEO to become an executive chairman.

To further strengthen its presence in the crypto market, MicroStrategy is currently working on Lightning Network software solutions.

Michael Saylor’s speech during his speech during the Baltic Honeybadger conference in Riga, Latvia

MicroStrategy: Several R&D projects underway

On August 2, Michael Saylor resigned as CEO of MicroStrategy to assume the role of executive chairman. However, he retains his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Still in his approach to democratizing bitcoin, he spoke in video at the Baltic Honeybadger conference. This event was held on September 3 and 4 in Riga, Latvia.

During his video call, Michael Saylor clarified that MicroStrategy is not working on one, but on different software solutions. It is more exactly about several Lightning applications exclusively intended for companies: enterprise authentications, Lightning wallets, Lightning servers…

Thanks to this new technology, for example, Lightning wallets will be accessible to 10 million customers. Companies, meanwhile, will be able to deploy Lightning to 100,000 employees per day.

The Lightning Network, an advantageous software solution!

According to Saylor, Lightning’s enterprise applications would not only provide access to Bitcoin to billions of people. They would also help them achieve countless transactions at low cost. Which will obviously increase the value of the cryptocurrency released by MicroStrategy.

The Lightning Network is first and foremost a payment network. In his speech, Michael Saylor argued that Lightning will be the most important initiative in the world of technology. “In Lightning, you can develop features much more aggressively and take more risks with apps than with the underlying bitcoin layer,” he explained.

MicroStrategy’s Lightning Bitcoin Network is still in its infancy. This initiative, however, portends a bright future. It remains to be seen whether the products will be viable or not! To be continued…

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