Lugano NFT Fest 2024: When Web3 meets culture!

The world of blockchain, cryptos and NFTs comes to life in Lugano this summer! On June 14 and 15, the Swiss city will host the sector's unmissable event: the highly anticipated Lugano NFT Fest. On the program for this edition, two days of total immersion in the new territories of Web3.

Lugano, the new world capital of Web3!

A true crossroads of art and tech, this multidisciplinary festival aims to transform Lugano into the global epicenter of Web3 innovation and digital creativity. To do this, the organizers have put together a rich program combining high-level conferences, practical workshops, project demonstrations and first-rate networking sessions.

More than 60 renowned artists, but also more than 160 globally recognized influencers, entrepreneurs and experts are expected during these two exceptional days. Among the many highlights announced, the participation of heavyweights like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which will expose the new horizons of the NFT movement in an atmosphere worthy of the biggest trendy evenings.

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Discover Web3 art, music and games

But beyond the technological, economic and financial aspects, the Lugano NFT Fest also aims to be a fantastic showcase to celebrate the eminently cultural and creative dimension of this crypto revolution. Thus, the areas of art, music and video games will be in the spotlight throughout the weekend to illustrate the incredible potential of NFTs and blockchain.

Numerous interactive virtual or augmented reality installations will allow festival-goers to concretely experience the unique contribution of these decentralized technologies in fields as varied as painting, sculpture or live artistic performances. A true dive into the heart of the new possibilities offered by creative expression in the digital age.

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A true culture shock in the most exciting sense of the term, the Lugano NFT Fest 2024 therefore promises to be a unique event of its kind for all lovers of art, technology and innovation. A two-day immersion in a world where the spirit of NFTs, cryptos and blockchain tech breathes new vitality into artistic expression. All this, in the sublime natural setting of the Swiss city, which has become for the occasion the world capital of Web3 creators and builders.

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