Election 2024: Jack Dorsey backs pro-crypto candidate Robert Kennedy

The US presidential election will not be held until 2024. But preparations are already well underway. Opinions on the possible candidates are also multiplying little by little. For his part, Jack Dorsey chooses to support Robert Kennedy. He is a Democratic candidate who is known to be a strong supporter of crypto in the United States.

Jack Dorsey shares video of pro-crypto candidate Robert Kennedy
According to Jack Dorsey, the pro-crypto candidate in the United States Robert Kennedy has every chance of winning (Source: Twitter)

Jack Dorsey backs pro-crypto candidate

Well known within the crypto community, Jack Dorsey is none other than the co-founder of Twitter. He has just officially announced his support for Robert Kennedy. This Democratic candidate is positioning himself as an advocate for crypto in the United States.

June 4, Dorsey share a YouTube video by Fox News featuring Robert Kennedy. In it, he explains his strategy for defeating popular Republican candidates Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

Asked by a follower about Kennedy’s candidacy, Dorsey simply replies: ” Both “. An answer that obviously sparked a debate within the crypto community in the United States. In any case, one thing is certain: this support announcement will certainly propel Kennedy’s campaign.

Robert Kennedy, a strong supporter of crypto in the United States

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially announces his presidential candidacy April 19, 2023. He is an environmental lawyer. But not only ! It is also the nephew of John F. Kennedy, the 35e President of the United States.

Kennedy is well known for his interest in crypto. In one of his earlier statements, he pointed the finger at crypto regulators in the US arguing that the latter were at the origin of several bank failures.

During his keynote speech at the Bitcoin Miami conference, Kennedy said he would accept bitcoin donations for his presidential campaign. The pro-crypto candidate in the United States fully supports digital currencies. He even considers bitcoin as “a currency of innovation.

With the support of Jack Dorsey, Robert Kennedy gains credibility. His commitment to crypto could even be a game-changer and influence the future of the United States in this growing field.

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