X: Musk's crypto plan revealed!

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently renamed X, is very committed to the crypto industry. His enthusiasm for Dogecoin is an open secret. But the billionaire’s ambitions for crypto seem much bigger, however.

X is considering an alliance with a financial data giant

Some time ago, Elon Musk was accused of having, through a maneuver, pushed the Dogecoin up. It is not excluded that the businessman could launch a platform taking into account transactions around this crypto.

According to recent information, the social media, which he renamed X, is said to be working on the development of an application for this purpose. The leaders of the company are in any case looking for a collaboration favorable to the realization of this idea.

Stakeholders are not looking for just any partner. They particularly target a juggernaut in the financial sector. This must be able to offer the integration of real-time stock market data as well as financial content.

For the moment no name has filtered. However, the sources indicate that several financial data providers were contacted. The conclusion of a potential would be beneficial to stakeholders.

These would benefit from access to millions of highly qualified users. This, even though X will not offer direct remuneration. This is at least what emerges from the various speculations around this development.

According to Elon Musk, there would be no particular activities at the moment on this project. What is interesting is that the billionaire does not reject the existence of the program. The latter is not a first in itself.

Indeed, rumors surrounding a similar initiative, and involving eToro, the online social trading platform, had circulated. A deal with X would have provided crypto trading services to social media users. But the project ultimately failed.

If X still manages to commit to such a program, the platform could allow its users to trade cryptos. This, along with other assets like bitcoin. Option that analysts consider to be the most viable from a regulatory point of view.

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