NFT: Pianist Anna Fedorova helps Ukrainian children

Russia’s war on Ukraine since 2014 is now considered the biggest humanitarian disaster in Europe since World War II. The violence of this conflict has only escalated since the annexation of the country launched on February 24, 2022.

There are currently 5 million refugees, including 2 million children, according to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR). Integrating refugees into our society and giving young Ukrainians access to education in their host country has become an urgent concern. How to quickly integrate young Ukrainians of school age into society?

Credits: Anna Fedorova

Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova, soloist of the opening concert of the Verbier Festival 2022, wanted to help musically talented children, even in the most difficult times. The need to help in the development of every child and to provide them not only with an essential education, but also to identify their special abilities, to help them realize their talent, led her to found the Davidsbündler Academy even before the outbreak of hostilities.

Anna Fedorova at the opening concert of the Verbier Festival 2022 – Credits: Anna Fedorova Facebook page

Many of these young musicians were forced to leave with little or nothing. We have so far helped dozens of refugees find musical instruments, as well as housing and school fees, enabling them to continue their education and find solace in music. Stories of how they escaped the ravages of war left some unable to face hearing or playing music for weeks. They were tormented by feelings of guilt for those they had left behind, bewildered by life in a world that seemed so ‘normal’, knowing full well that their friends and family members were still suffering in Ukraine. Through the Davidsbündler Foundation, we fund and sponsor talented musicians who had to flee Ukraine and found refuge in the Netherlands. The Foundation provides safe haven as well as emotional and practical support to help rebuild lives. »

Building of the Davidsbündler Music Academy in The Hague, Netherlands – Credits: Davidsbündler Music Academy
Credits: Davidsbündler Music Academy

Anna Fedorova adds: The Foundation already supports a significant number of young people. But the high cost of education does not make it possible to offer music lessons to everyone who wants or needs them.“.

In order to increase the number of donations and raise the funds needed to teach children, Anna turned to blockchain and NFTs as emerging technologies. It has thus partnered with the Swiss technology company DCM (Digital Content Marketplace) to create and promote a collection of NFTs in order to raise the necessary funds.

Having reached a turning point in 2021 with a record annual volume of $24.9 billion. NFTs are on the rise. However, if NFTs are best known to the general public for their speculative aspect. 2022 revealed other much more honorable use cases, including one in particular, donations.

2022 is indeed remarkable for the support that the crypto community has given to the people of Ukraine. From the beginning of the war, Ukraine was offered considerable aid and thus received almost 100 million donations in cryptocurrencies. Thus confirming that sending donations via the blockchain has proven to be a safe way to fund aid campaigns around the world.

Ukrainian children seeking funding to study at the Davidsbündler Academy of Music – Credits: “For Ukrainian Talents” NFT collection

“The annual tuition fee is€8,500. With the current conflict having no end in sight, we are raising funds to offer these young musicians a perspective for the future. It is absolutely incredible that the technology company DCM Swiss is now helping us to help these children, thus expanding the network of donors for our peaceful and musical mission. You all have my personal word that not a penny will be spent on anything other than helping these very torn, but very talented and brave children. Buy an NFT and inside you will find exclusive photos and recordings of these children, and also of myselfAnna said.

Credits: “For Ukrainian Talents” NFT collection

Julia Zolotarenko, co-founder of DCM Swiss, and Ukrainian herself, said: “DCM Swiss is proud to launch this campaign on a global level in collaboration with the brilliant Anna Fedorova to help children who are victims of this unforgivable conflict to continue their musical studies, having in classical music an opportunity for the future.“.

The NFT CollectionFor Ukrainian Talentsillustrates the support given to Ukrainian children by the inhabitants of various cities around the world. Currently, the collection includes 11 cities around the world (with more to come), original audio recordings of children performing the music being raised for, and an exclusive excerpt from a recordingс of the second concerto of Rachmaninoff played by Anna Fedorova.

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